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Infrared heaters in domestic homes

Infrared panel heaters for living and working areas in the home

BURDA PerfectClime offers innovative panel heaters in the HEATPANELS Collection: an energy-efficient heating solution for living and working areas, leisure spaces and bathrooms in private, rental or renovation properties.

Infrared heaters can be used in the home as

  • additional heaters
  • temporary heaters
  • main heaters in individual rooms


…with infrared household heaters by BURDA PerfectClime

Infrared heaters by BURDA PerfectClime create a pleasant and cosy atmosphere in the home.

Infrared heaters are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly heating alternative for living and working areas in the home. Panel heaters with state-of-the-art infrared technology are decorative and easy to install, save electricity through intelligent heat control, are maintenance free and almost immune to technical failure.

BURDA PerfectClime infrared household heaters excel in optimal energy efficiency by using 15 to 20 percent less electricity.

Infrared heaters are increasingly used in restored properties as well. Especially older properties without central heating, such as timber-framed houses, can be heated entirely or partially with infrared panel heaters.

The use of infrared heaters in the home is flexible – from bathroom and bedroom to living room, kitchen and study right down to the basement.

Infrared heaters such as the panel heater element emit infrared rays which directly hit solid objects like people, items, floors and walls with a warming effect. Infrared heaters, in contrast to traditional convection heaters, do not radiate heat to the air but instead warm up the surface to which they are directed. The advantage: no humidity is extracted from the air in the room, no dust is whirled up and the formation of mould is prevented.

Household heaters with infrared create a pleasant indoor climate without whirling up dust or extracting humidity.

The modern heating elements with their ultra-flat design meet the requirements of energy efficient heating alternatives as well as discerning aesthetic demands. BURDA PerfectClime offers high-quality infrared heating elements with ornamental as well as practical surface designs of beautiful pictures suited to mirror heaters as well as picture heaters with canvas or low-energy heaters, depending on where the heater is installed. The heating elements are available in different formats (upright and horizontal), sizes and performance levels for any room in the home.

Decorative pictures for infrared heaters:


Infrared panel heaters are stylish space savers in the home

Whether to be used in the bedroom, bathroom, hobby room, lounge or study: electrical infrared household heaters are simply plugged into a common household socket and radiate cosy warmth after just 20 minutes lead-time. The ideal solution for creating a pleasant, homely atmosphere on chilly days without having to turn on central heating.

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