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Infrared radiant heaters in the catering trade:
restaurants & cafés

Modern infrared technology offers effective, energy-efficient and cost-saving heating solutions for the catering trade

With intelligent all-in-one heating solutions for the catering trade guests enjoy perfect ‘feel-good’ temperatures indoors and outdoors.

Effective, energy-efficient and cost-saving heating of interior spaces and outside areas with modern infrared technology is BURDA PerfectClime’s core discipline. We partner with numerous catering businesses in Europe and worldwide, equipping them with single or full systems for inside and on the terrace. Patented infrared radiant heaters and elegant picture and panel heaters generate perfect temperatures throughout the guest facilities – inside and outside.

Smart radiant heating system with Bluetooth and app-controlled for the catering trade

Our new Bluetooth radiant heater generation controlled by smartphone (iOS & Android) with a free Burda app and exclusive Bluetooth DIMMER offers the catering trade a smart solution for heating guest areas individually. Our patented TERM 2000 Bluetooth COLOR IP67 infrared radiant heaters for indoor and outdoor use can be conveniently controlled by smartphone or tablet via app.

The intelligent software of the new complimentary Burda app controls up to eight Bluetooth-enabled infrared radiant heaters. It is cordless and compatible with any iOS and Android device (smartphone, tablet).

The advantages of BURDA PerfectClime radiant heaters for the catering trade at a glance:

  • Up to eight heaters can be individually selected and controlled via the app. Ideal for heating large guest areas according to requirements and occupancy rate.
  • Apart from heat control the tilt sensitivity of the radiant heater can be set.
  • The app’s TIMER function deactivates all infrared radiant heaters at the predetermined time.
  • Alternative control functions with IR remote (included in the set) and switches on the heater for manual operation are also possible.
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No doubt another cold front will be on its way!

Take advantage of stylish and, at the same time, highly efficient heating solutions for terraces, beer gardens, winter gardens and seating areas.

Be inspired by our clever and individual heating solutions for the catering trade. The requirements of this sector are the home turf of Burda shortwave infrared technology. Save ready cash with intelligent solutions which provide instant heat, can be adjusted individually and installed without major structural alterations – and impress by elegant design to boot.

Power radiant heaters for terraces and events

Clever heating with infrared panel heater elements for the indoor catering trade

Our panel heaters are a stylish and, at the same time, space-saving solution for indoor areas such as reception, lobby, sanitary facilities, winter garden, etc. The decorative picture and glass heaters are simply mounted to the wall and will bathe guest areas in pleasant heat.

The advantages of BURDA PerfectClime radiant heaters for the catering trade at a glance:

  • Increased turnover due to an appealing atmosphere
  • Extremely fast heating and cooling without lead time
  • Fully automated through Bluetooth, timer, dimmer, sensors and more
  • Flexible possibilities for indoor and outdoor use
  • User-friendly installation with the option to mount to the wall or ceiling, to suspend or stand
  • Timeless, subtle and coloured designs which blend harmoniously into their environment
  • Odour-free, noiseless, eco-friendly operation with emission values close to zero

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radiant heaters and panel heater elements for the catering trade.