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Project Description


SMART MULTI IP24 Bluetooth

This powerful all-rounder, with a Bluetooth interface for wireless operation via your smartphone and tablet, now joins the ranks of smartphone Home Control infrared heaters from BURDA PerfectClime. The compact wall and ceiling radiator with variable heat output, is designed for commercial, industrial and private use in indoor and outdoor areas.

More user-friendly: the new SMART MULTI infrared heater with Bluetooth

The SMART MULTI Bluetooth version features the high quality typical of standard models. The tubes have an attractive low-glare finish, a lifespan of around 5,000 hours, and a capacity of three kilowatts. In the Bluetooth variation, the SMART MULTI can be controlled easily and comfortably with your smartphone or tablet via the free BURDA app. But classical operation through the infrared remote control or the switch remains an option. A remote control set is included in the delivery contents. The two-ray Bluetooth infrared heater SMART MULTI IP24 can be used flexibly, both indoors or out, with a reliable maximum capacity for instant heat on demand.

SMART MULTI IP24 Bluetooth BTBHS3024 – all important aspects at a glance

  1. APP: Bluetooth interface with free BURDA APP for iOS & Android for wireless heat regulation
  2. Infrared remote operation with dimmer, contained in the set
  3. Integrated switch for manual operation

  • Splash guard IP24 – for indoors and out
  • Colour design in white, silver and black
  • Two top-grade, low-glare tubes, with reduced red-light fraction and a lifetime of at least 5,000 hours
  • Total capacity: 3 kilowatts
  • Note: We recommend using 16A time-lag fuses (C16) for 2 kW and above.
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the intelligent core of the Smartphone control for up to eight heaters

BURDA APP - free Download

Free BURDA APP available to download for the control of up to eight infrared heaters with a Smartphone or Tablet – no cable installation required.

  • for all Android and iOS devices
  • range: 50 m, no line of sight required
  • regulation of up to eight infrared heaters
  • individual description of the devices to be controlled via the App

2. Reliable infrared remote control

with improved

Reliable infrared remote control

The infrared remote control device contained in the set is unicoded and compatible with all BURDA PerfectClime infrared heaters. The IR remote control with variable thermoregulation controls one or more heaters within visual range and within a radius of six to seven meters.

3. Manual operation of the switch

The heater can be switched on, dimmed and switched off

3. Manual operation of the switch

The heater can be switched on, dimmed and switched off by pressing the built-in switch on the device once or repeatedly.

MODELS of the SMART MULTI IP24 Bluetooth

(W x H x D)
BTBHS30242 x 1.5 kWWhite895 x 145 x 954.0 kg3 m/1,90 m 5-wire
2,5 mm², Wire-end sleeves
3/N/PE ~ 400 (3N) V 50 Hz
approx. 24 – 26 m²
BTBHS3024-32 x 1.5 kWSilver895 x 145 x 954.0 kg3 m/1,90 m 5-wire
2,5 mm², Wire-end sleeves
3/N/PE ~ 400 (3N) V 50 Hz
approx. 24 – 26 m²
BTBHS3024-12 x 1.5 kWBlack895 x 145 x 954.0 kg3 m/1,90 m 5-wire
2,5 mm², Wire-end sleeves
3/N/PE ~ 400 (3N) V 50 Hz
approx. 24 – 26 m²
  • Assembly set, including directions
  • Smartphone App for APPLE iOS & Google Android for Download
  • Infrared remote control


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