Mai, 16th

Com­ing up in sum­mer: Bur­da Per­fec­t­cli­me will launch wea­ther­pro­of Blue­tooth speaker, which can be instal­led as a stan­da­lo­ne or in com­bi­na­ti­on with RELAX GLASS infra­red hea­ters in all out­door are­as. The 90cm long loud­speaker modu­les — named RELAX SOUND — are equip­ped with a glass front and blend seam­less­ly into the design of our suc­cess­ful RELAX GLASS ran­ge of radi­ant hea­ters with Schott Nex­tre­ma® cer­a­mic-glass.

Heat & Sound — for the perfect feel-good atmosphere on the terrace

With sui­ta­ble con­nec­ting ele­ments, infra­red hea­ters and loud­speakers from the RELAX series can be com­bi­ned as a modu­lar sys­tem in the future, but can also be moun­ted indi­vi­dual­ly on walsl or under cei­lings and awnings.


Pri­ces and detail­ed tech­ni­cal infor­ma­ti­on are com­ing up short­ly!