Infrared heaters in restaurants, bars and coffeeshops:

Modern infra­red tech­no­lo­gy offers effec­tive, ener­gy-effi­ci­ent and cost-saving hea­ting solu­ti­ons for restau­rants, hotels, cof­fe­shops and many other more

With intelligent all-in-one heating solutions your  guests enjoy perfect ‘feel-good’ temperatures in any season

Effec­tive, ener­gy-effi­ci­ent and cost-saving hea­ting with modern infra­red tech­no­lo­gy is BURDA PerfectClime’s core disci­pli­ne. We part­ner with nume­rous cate­ring busi­nes­ses in Euro­pe and world­wi­de, equip­ping them with sin­gle or full sys­tems. Paten­ted infra­red radi­ant hea­ters and ele­gant pic­tu­re and panel hea­ters gene­ra­te per­fect tem­pe­ra­tures throughout the guest faci­li­ties – insi­de and out­si­de.

Smart heating system with Bluetooth

Our new Blue­tooth radi­ant hea­ter genera­ti­on con­trol­led by smart­pho­ne (iOS & Andro­id) with a free Bur­da app and exclu­si­ve Blue­tooth DIMMER offers the cate­ring tra­de a smart solu­ti­on for hea­ting guest are­as indi­vi­dual­ly. Our paten­ted TERM2000 Blue­tooth COLOR IP67 infra­red radi­ant hea­ters for indoor and out­door use can be con­ve­ni­ent­ly con­trol­led by smart­pho­ne or tablet via app.

The intel­li­gent soft­ware of the new com­pli­men­ta­ry Bur­da app con­trols up to eight Blue­tooth-enab­led infra­red radi­ant hea­ters. It is cord­less and com­pa­ti­ble with any iOS and Andro­id device (smart­pho­ne, tablet).

The advan­ta­ges of BURDA Per­fec­t­Cli­me radi­ant hea­ters for the cate­ring tra­de at a glance:

  • Up to eight hea­ters can be indi­vi­dual­ly selec­ted and con­trol­led via the app. Ide­al for hea­ting lar­ge guest are­as accord­ing to requi­re­ments and occup­an­cy rate.
  • Apart from heat con­trol the tilt sen­si­ti­vi­ty of the radi­ant hea­ter can be set.
  • The app’s TIMER func­tion deac­tiva­tes all infra­red radi­ant hea­ters at the pre­de­ter­mi­ned time.
  • Alter­na­ti­ve con­trol func­tions with IR remo­te (inclu­ded in the set) and swit­ches on the hea­ter for manu­al ope­ra­ti­on are also pos­si­ble.
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Take advantage of stylish and highly efficient heating solutions for terraces, beer gardens, winter gardens and seating areas.

Be inspi­red by our cle­ver and indi­vi­du­al hea­ting solu­ti­ons. The requi­re­ments of this sec­tor are the home turf of Bur­da short­wave infra­red tech­no­lo­gy. Save rea­dy cash with intel­li­gent solu­ti­ons which pro­vi­de instant heat, can be adjus­ted indi­vi­dual­ly and instal­led wit­hout major struc­tu­ral alte­ra­ti­ons – and impress by ele­gant design to boot.

Power radiant heaters for terraces and events

Clever heating with infrared panel heater elements for the indoor catering trade

Our panel hea­ters are a sty­lish and, at the same time, space-saving solu­ti­on for indoor are­as such as recep­ti­on, lob­by, sani­ta­ry faci­li­ties, win­ter gar­den, etc. The deco­ra­ti­ve pic­tu­re and glass hea­ters are sim­ply moun­ted to the wall and will bathe guest are­as in plea­sant heat.

The advan­ta­ges of BURDA Per­fec­t­Cli­me radi­ant hea­ters for the cate­ring tra­de at a glance:

  • Increa­sed tur­no­ver due to an appe­aling atmo­s­phe­re
  • Extre­me­ly fast hea­ting and coo­ling wit­hout lead time
  • Ful­ly auto­ma­ted through Blue­tooth, timer, dim­mer, sen­sors and more
  • Fle­xi­ble pos­si­bi­li­ties for indoor and out­door use
  • User-fri­end­ly instal­la­ti­on with the opti­on to mount to the wall or cei­ling, to sus­pend or stand
  • Timeless, subt­le and colou­red designs which blend har­mo­nious­ly into their envi­ron­ment
  • No smell, no noi­se
  • Eco-fri­end­ly ope­ra­ti­on with emis­si­on values clo­se to zero