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Greenhouse heating and cooling
with infrared technology

Greenhouse heating and cooling systems with fine water mist by BURDA PerfectClime

Heaters and misting nozzles by Burda WTG bring heat and cooling to greenhouses and winter gardens. For hobby gardeners and commercial nurseries we offer efficient and cost-effective solutions for climate control in greenhouses that are used all year round.

BURDA PerfectClime – the intelligent way to achieve a good climate in your greenhouse

Modular and individually adjusted to the climatic requirements in your greenhouse or winter garden, shortwave infrared technology and superfine mist cooling provide ideal growing conditions for plants with special heat requirements, or for overwintering.

We recommend PERFECTCLIME infrared heaters with mist cooling for a climate best suited for plants in greenhouses. Easy installation, rapid effect without lead-time, cost-effective.
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PERFECTCLIME® for regular and consistent humidification of plants

With PERFECTCLIME infrared heaters even the most exotic climate can be simulated in a greenhouse. The clever and ground-breaking combination of heating and cooling modules allows a single appliance to air-condition, humidify and heat all in one.

Whether hobby gardener or professional nursery: greenhouse heating is a must during the cold months of the year to ensure the safe overwintering of the plants. They are not only affected by cold air but also by dry air. With its PERFECTCLIME TERM 2000 IP67 combined heating and cooling device BURDA PerfectClime offers the perfect solution for temperature and humidity control in greenhouses. The device’s cooling nozzles spread very fine mist at regular intervals. This eases the temperature if it is about to become too hot in the greenhouse and at the same time humidity is kept at a constant level. Installation of a PERFECTCLIME device requires a pump; please refer to accessories.

Electrical greenhouse heating with shortwave infrared technology

BURDA PerfectClime infrared devices protect plants against the cold when it is freezing outside. The compact heaters emit gentle infrared rays which do not heat up the circulating air but warm the plant itself. Thus, in contrast to conventional greenhouse heaters, no thermal energy is lost and infrared heat is instantly available without lead-time.

For heating, cooling and humidifying greenhouses and winter gardens with modern infrared heaters we recommend:

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BURDA MODULARSYSTEM – ausgezeichnet mit dem Innovationspreis R+T 2018 für technischen Fortschritt!
BURDA MODULARSYSTEM – awarded with the Innovation Prize R+T 2018 for technical progress!
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