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CControl your Burda Perfectclime heaters easily with the new and free BURDA APP. Our brandnew waterproof Bluetooth heaters TERM 2000 IP67 Color enable you to control up to eight infrared heaters via smartphone and tablet (iOS and Android) with a range of 50m. The Bluetooth heaters have a included remote control and an integrated switch for manual operation. For those who want adapt the App control to their standard Burda heaters ( or external heaters), we present our exclusive Burda Perfectclime BLUETOOTH DIMMER with an included remote control.


BBURDA PerfectClime is the first company to present patented, modular infrared-heating and LED-lighting systems of up to five metres in length for awnings, conservatories, porches and patio roofs. The weatherproof infrared heat- and lighting systems in standard sets of up to five metres in length are the ideal alternative to single-radiators. The patented modules fit seamlessly into existing terrace ambiences, are easy to mount under awnings with the rapid installation system and reliably deliver instant heat including LED lighting in all outdoor areas.


Designer infrared radiant heaters
and energy-efficient infrared heating

BURDA PerfectClime – original infrared heating for the perfect temperature

Many imitators, no equals.
Original Burda infrared heating systems boast peerless performance in terms of:

  • Quality
  • Efficiency
  • Functionality
  • Design

BURDA PerfectClime’s globally patented innovations lead the way among state-of-the-art solutions for interior and exterior heating using infrared technology. The BURDA seal of approval on infrared heaters is your guarantee of quality Designed in Germany.

Be inspired by our wide selection of energy-saving radiant heaters for terraces, balconies and work spaces.

Infrared radiant heaters

Immerse yourself in the amazing possibilities of modern heating with our infrared heatpanels.

Infrared heating

Learn all about the versatility of infrared heating in our resources section.

Heating solutions

Active in over 50 countries, among others in UK, USA, Dubai


BURDA PerfectClime – your partner for energy-efficient, innovative infrared technology
with infrared heaters, shortwave infrared heaters and infrared heating elements

As a leader in the field of shortwave infrared technology, BURDA PerfectClime is built on 25 years of product experience. BURDA’s development of infrared heating systems is founded on the need, today and in the future, for intelligent, economical and environmentally friendly heating solutions. Generating efficient, energy-saving and targeted instant heating or cooling is the focus of BURDA’s product development. The result is innovative infrared heating with almost unlimited applications, optimally adapted to people and the environment.

  • heating concept
  • innovation
  • working for you for 25 years
  • Represents the art of
    German engineering

Shortwave infrared technology

Shortwave infrared technology

Succeeding through intelligent engineering – as leaders in the field of shortwave IR technology, we offer sophisticated heating solutions with the warmth of the sun and the efficiency of a high-tech heating system.

Wellness attributes of infrared heating

Wellness attributes of infrared heating

Infrared heating boasts numerous positive qualities over traditional convection heating. Make the most of a healthy indoor climate for improved quality life at home and at work!

Quality standards of workmanship

Quality standards of workmanship

With 25 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing individual components and system solutions, BURDA PerfectClime sets the standard in innovative infrared heating for indoor and outdoor use.

Infrared heating versus convection heating

Infrared heating versus convection heating

Comparing infrared heating with conventional oil or gas heating is like comparing apples and pears: they might both belong to the same category, but they’re actually completely different.

BURDA PerfectClime infrared heaters – the benefits

BURDA PerfectClime infrared heaters – the benefits

BURDA PerfectClime’s individual and system solutions are market leaders in material and build quality, multi-functionality (heating, lighting, cooling), reduction in the amount of red light, and energy efficiency.

Controlled warmth and installation

Controlled warmth and installation

For optimal warmth management, BURDA PerfectClime offers intelligent solutions for the use, control (including remote control) and installation of the systems, tailor-made for the infrared radiant heater range.

BURDA PerfectClime – the right heating solution for every situation

Choose from over 90 products!

The BURDA product range provides flexible and economical options for use and application – anywhere where energy-efficient and cost-saving heating in interior and exterior spaces is needed.

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25 years of BURDA PerfectClime – milestones of success

July 2015

25 years of Burda WTG – since 1990

BURDA World Wide Technologies celebrates its 25th anniversary and is now called BURDA PerfectClime.

August 2014

Expansion of the product range with infrared heaters/heatpanels for home and business use

BURDA WTG expands its offering with innovative heatpanels. BURDA WTG showcases its full product range of intelligent, energy-efficient and beautifully designed panel heaters for private homes and businesses on the new heatpanels.de website.

March 2013

Development and market launch of the first generation of No Glare radiant heaters

Development and market launch of the first generation of Term 2000 No Glare radiant heaters. The new dark radiant heaters offer 100 per cent heating and a 100 per cent reduction in light emitted.

June 2012

BURDA develops the first Low Glare infrared radiant heating tubes

Introduction of the first Low Glare radiant heaters. As the market-leader, BURDA WTG develops a new generation of infrared radiant heating tubes that filter up to 80% of the light and significantly reduce the light intensity compared with radiant heaters from the classic light-emitting series.

August 2011

Launch of the PerfectClime radiant heater

Launch of the PerfectClime radiant heater, which becomes a national and international sensation with its pioneering modular combination of heating and cooling.

April 2000

Launch of Term and Smart – the first radiant heaters combining light and heat

Launch of the Term and Smart infrared radiant heaters which meet with great sales success through their combined heating and lighting properties

January 1999

The first shortwave infrared devices based on BURDA WTG’s own patents and developed in-house

BURDA WTG introduces their first shortwave infrared space-heating appliances, developed in-house, to the market. Jiri Burda, the company’s tech-savvy founder, begins to develop and actualise his own innovative product ideas. Several international patents are registered by BURDA WTG right from the beginning of production which even today set benchmarks and form the basis of the brand’s success.

March 1997

Import and distribution

Import and distribution of shortwave infrared technology to Europe and Korea.

July 1990

Company founded

Burda Worldwide Technologies GmbH is founded in 1990 in the Frankfurt region by Jiri Burda. Burda WTG’s success is initially as a wholesale and export business for new technologies, quickly gaining the company a reputation as a specialist in bringing new products to the market.