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Designer infrared radiant heaters
and energy-efficient infrared heating

BURDA PerfectClime – original infrared heating for the perfect temperature

Many imitators, no equals.
Original Burda infrared heating systems boast peerless performance in terms of:

NEW We extend our series of Bluetooth heaters

Control your BURDA PerfectClime heaters easily with the new and free BURDA APP. We have extended our range of Bluetooth infrared heaters with the well known SMART TOWER IP24 Bluetooth and the effective SMART MULTI IP24 Bluetooth. Next to it you will find our waterproof Bluetooth heaters TERM2000 IP67 and SMART IP24. For those who want adapt the App control to their standard Burda heaters (or external heaters), we present our exclusive BURDA PerfectClime Bluetooth DIMMER with an included remote control.

All new Bluetooth radiators are based on the tried-and-tested radiators of the TERM2000 and SMART series, which can be used both indoors and out. Equipped with a Bluetooth interface, up to eight BT heaters can be controlled comfortably and wirelessly with your smartphone or tablet in a range of about 15 m. The accompanying BURDA APP is compatible with all iOS and Android end devices, and available as a free Download.


The patented MODULAR SYSTEM combines infrared heaters with LED lights and cooling nozzles that fit perfectly into all kinds of conservatory, under any awnings, terrace roofing or pergolas.

With their new MODULAR SYSTEM, BURDA WTG presents the first system for the outdoor and hospitality sector which can be installed in any combination of colour, length and function according to the customer’s requirements. That is why the company was awarded with the renowned R+T Innovation Prize 2018 for technical progress and exemplary innovation on 26 February at the world’s leading trade fair R+T 2018, in Stuttgart.

The simple plug-in system enables the easy extension or reduction of the system at any time, by adding or removing individual modules. Instead of using several individual heaters, the patented plug-in system results in a neat, compact unit, with a flush surface. It combines infrared heating elements with LED modules or cooling nozzles, which can be precisely tailored to meet the client’s temperature and design requirements. They can also be adapted to match any colour scheme. Special brackets allow the modules to be hung under awnings or to be mounted on walls and under ceilings.


BURDA PerfectClime – your partner for energy-efficient, innovative infrared technology
with infrared heaters, shortwave infrared heaters and infrared heating elements

As a leader in the field of shortwave infrared technology, BURDA PerfectClime is built on 25 years of product experience. BURDA’s development of infrared heating systems is founded on the need, today and in the future, for intelligent, economical and environmentally friendly heating solutions. Generating efficient, energy-saving and targeted instant heating or cooling is the focus of BURDA’s product development. The result is innovative infrared heating with almost unlimited applications, optimally adapted to people and the environment.

Active in over 50 countries, among others in UK, USA, Dubai

Shortwave infrared technology

Shortwave infrared technology

Succeeding through intelligent engineering – as leaders in the field of shortwave IR technology, we offer sophisticated heating solutions with the warmth of the sun and the efficiency of a high-tech heating system.

Wellness attributes of infrared heating

Wellness attributes of infrared heating

Infrared heating boasts numerous positive qualities over traditional convection heating. Make the most of a healthy indoor climate for improved quality life at home and at work!

Quality standards of workmanship

Quality standards of workmanship

With 25 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing individual components and system solutions, BURDA PerfectClime sets the standard in innovative infrared heating for indoor and outdoor use.

Infrared heating versus convection heating

Infrared heating versus convection heating

Comparing infrared heating with conventional oil or gas heating is like comparing apples and pears: they might both belong to the same category, but they’re actually completely different.

the benefits

the benefits

BURDA PerfectClime’s individual and system solutions are market leaders in material and build quality, multi-functionality (heating, lighting, cooling), reduction in the amount of red light, and energy efficiency.

Controlled warmth and installation

Controlled warmth and installation

For optimal warmth management, BURDA PerfectClime offers intelligent solutions for the use, control (including remote control) and installation of the systems, tailor-made for the infrared radiant heater range.
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BURDA MODULARSYSTEM – ausgezeichnet mit dem Innovationspreis R+T 2018 für technischen Fortschritt!
BURDA MODULARSYSTEM – awarded with the Innovation Prize R+T 2018 for technical progress!
Besuchen Sie uns auf der R+T Asia vom 20. bis 22. März in Shanghai!  Visit us at the trade fair R+T Asia, March 20-22, 2018 in Shanghai!