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Designer infrared radiant heaters
and energy-efficient infrared heating

BURDA PerfectClime ‚Äď original infrared heating for the perfect temperature

Many imitators, no equals.
Original Burda infrared heating systems boast peerless performance in terms of:

NEW We extend our series of Bluetooth heaters

Con­trol your BURDA Per­fec­t­Cli­me hea­ters easi­ly with the new and free BURDA APP. We have exten­ded our ran­ge of Blue­tooth infra­red hea­ters with the well known SMART TOWER IP24 Blue­tooth and the effec­tive SMART MULTI IP24 Blue­tooth. Next to it you will find our water­pro­of Blue­tooth hea­ters TERM2000 IP67 and SMART IP24. For tho­se who want adapt the App con­trol to their stan­dard Bur­da hea­ters (or exter­nal hea­ters), we pre­sent our exclu­si­ve BURDA Per­fec­t­Cli­me Blue­tooth DIMMER with an inclu­ded remo­te con­trol.

All new Blue­tooth radia­tors are based on the tried-and-tested radia­tors of the TERM2000 and SMART series, which can be used both indoors and out. Equip­ped with a Blue­tooth inter­face, up to eight BT hea­ters can be con­trol­led com­for­ta­b­ly and wire­less­ly with your smart­pho­ne or tablet in a ran­ge of about 15 m. The accom­pany­ing BURDA APP is com­pa­ti­ble with all iOS and Andro­id end devices, and avail­ab­le as a free Down­load.



The paten­ted MODULAR SYSTEM com­bi­nes infra­red hea­ters with LED lights and coo­ling noz­z­les that fit per­fec­t­ly into all kinds of con­ser­vato­ry, under any awnings, ter­race roofing or per­go­las.

With the new MODULAR SYSTEM, BURDA Per¬≠fec¬≠t¬≠cli¬≠me¬ģ pres¬≠ents for the first time a high qua¬≠li¬≠ty sys¬≠tem for the out¬≠door sec¬≠tor which can be instal¬≠led in any com¬≠bi¬≠na¬≠ti¬≠on of colour, length and func¬≠tion accord¬≠ing to the customer‚Äôs requi¬≠re¬≠ments. That is why the com¬≠pa¬≠ny was awar¬≠ded with the renow¬≠ned GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2019 and the INNOVATION PRICE R+T 2018 for out¬≠stan¬≠ding design, tech¬≠ni¬≠cal pro¬≠gress and exem¬≠pla¬≠ry inno¬≠va¬≠ti¬≠on.


BURDA PerfectClime ‚Äď your partner for energy-efficient, innovative infrared technology
with infrared heaters, shortwave infrared heaters and infrared heating elements

As a lea­der in the field of short­wave infra­red tech­no­lo­gy, BURDA Per­fec­t­Cli­me is built on 25 years of pro­duct expe­ri­ence. BURDA’s deve­lop­ment of infra­red hea­ting sys­tems is foun­ded on the need, today and in the future, for intel­li­gent, eco­no­mi­c­al and envi­ron­ment­al­ly fri­end­ly hea­ting solu­ti­ons. Gene­ra­ting effi­ci­ent, ener­gy-saving and tar­ge­ted instant hea­ting or coo­ling is the focus of BURDA’s pro­duct deve­lop­ment. The result is inno­va­ti­ve infra­red hea­ting with almost unli­mi­ted app­li­ca­ti­ons, opti­mal­ly adap­ted to peop­le and the envi­ron­ment.

Active in over 50 countries, among others in UK, USA, Dubai

Shortwave infrared technology

Shortwave infrared technology

Suc¬≠cee¬≠ding through intel¬≠li¬≠gent engi¬≠nee¬≠ring ‚Äď as lea¬≠ders in the field of short¬≠wave IR tech¬≠no¬≠lo¬≠gy, we offer sophisti¬≠ca¬≠ted hea¬≠ting solu¬≠ti¬≠ons with the warmth of the sun and the effi¬≠ci¬≠en¬≠cy of a high-tech hea¬≠ting sys¬≠tem.

Wellness attributes of infrared heating

Wellness attributes of infrared heating

Infra­red hea­ting boasts nume­rous posi­ti­ve qua­li­ties over tra­di­tio­nal con­vec­tion hea­ting. Make the most of a healt­hy indoor cli­ma­te for impro­ved qua­li­ty life at home and at work!

Quality standards of workmanship

Quality standards of workmanship

With 25 years’ expe­ri­ence in deve­lo­ping and manu­fac­tu­ring indi­vi­du­al com­pon­ents and sys­tem solu­ti­ons, BURDA Per­fec­t­Cli­me sets the stan­dard in inno­va­ti­ve infra­red hea­ting for indoor and out­door use.

Infrared heating versus convection heating

Infrared heating versus convection heating

Com­pa­ring infra­red hea­ting with con­ven­tio­nal oil or gas hea­ting is like com­pa­ring app­les and pears: they might both belong to the same cate­go­ry, but they’re actual­ly com­ple­te­ly dif­fe­rent.

the benefits

the benefits

BURDA PerfectClime’s indi­vi­du­al and sys­tem solu­ti­ons are mar­ket lea­ders in mate­ri­al and build qua­li­ty, mul­ti-func­tio­n­a­li­ty (hea­ting, ligh­t­ing, coo­ling), reduc­tion in the amount of red light, and ener­gy effi­ci­en­cy.

Controlled warmth and installation

Controlled warmth and installation

For opti­mal warmth manage­ment, BURDA Per­fec­t­Cli­me offers intel­li­gent solu­ti­ons for the use, con­trol (inclu­ding remo­te con­trol) and instal­la­ti­on of the sys­tems, tailor-made for the infra­red radi­ant hea­ter ran­ge.

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