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The compact LOW GLARE infrared radiant heater generation!

SMART Infrared Heaters

Compact infrared heater with light-reducing LOW GLARE
Technology for indoor and outdoor spaces

The compact and uncomplicated infrared heaters from the SMART series from BURDA PerfectClime not only stand out in the garage, on the balcony or the terrace. SMART IR heaters also do a great job in commercial and industrial sectors, whether by heating individual spaces or material warming and drying. The large reflector continually ensures optimal heating in indoor and outdoor areas.


  • The compact SMART series is only manufactured in the top-grade LOW GLARE version. LOW GLARE refers to a technical innovation in manufacturing the heating tubes that significantly reduces the emission of infrared light. The advantage: SMART radiators can be used wherever atmospheric ambience without intrusive red light emissions is desired.

  • The PERFECTCLIME® SMART version includes integrated cooling nozzles, which spray a fine mist of water for immediate cooling of the temperature.
  • lightning-fast warmth with no lead time
  • optionally equipped with integrated lighting*
  • with light-reducing infrared radiation
  • simple to use (and completely automatic if desired)
  • usable in indoor and (roofed) outdoor areas
  • for permanent or temporary installation
  • elegant housing designs, some in colour*
  • odourless, low noise, environmentally friendly with minimal emission values
* depending on the model

The diverse equipping option of the SMART heat radiator guarantees almost unlimited possibilities for use, including: