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Corporate Philosophy: BURDA Worldwide Technologies GmbH. The intelligent approach.

As a pioneer in short-wave infrared technology, BURDA WTG commands the expertise and the know-how to constantly develop that technology further and to offer a one-stop service in heating-, cooling- and lighting-systems. All Burda products share four central values: innovation, quality, design and durability. BURDA WTG is a very dynamic company with only short intervals between new innovations. The goal is to gradually maximize the performance of the heating and cooling devices. That is the company´s measure for success which is being promoted day to day around the globe.


Our innovative and numerous products are proof of our intelligent solutions. To instantaneously produce heating or cooling in an energy-efficient and cost-effective manner is our passion. Our colour adapted lightsystems, stand-alone or in addition to other systems, guarantee a feel-good atmosphere. This proofs our ability to supply a “One-stop service”. Optimally adapted to the needs of man and environment, the potential for application is almost limitless.


We listen, discern and understand the needs of our customers. Together we find the right answers. It is only natural for us to act respectfully, passionately, flexibly, reliable and in their best interest.


We are able to achieve the highest possible quality, functionality and efficiency, as well as the best design by applying the highest possible standards during the production process and using high-quality materials for our partly handcrafted products. Only by doing that can we set the benchmark on a global level.

Jiri Burda
Jiri BurdaCEO
Jiri Burda ist Jahrgang 1965, gebürtiger Slowake, lebt jedoch seit 1968 im Großraum Frankfurt. Der Kaufmann gründete noch während seines BWL-Studiums die Burda WTG im Jahr 1990 – damals noch als Einzelunternehmen und unter der Firmierung Burda Worldwide Trading Group – und entwickelte das Unternehmen über die vergangenen 22 Jahre kontinuierlich zum internationalen Vorreiter in Sachen Infrarot-Kurzwellentechnologie. Heute verantwortet Jiri Burda bei der inzwischen weltweit aufgestellten Burda Worldwide Technologies GmbH als Inhaber und Geschäftsführer die Bereiche Entwicklung, Vertrieb und Finanzen. Darüber hinaus betreut Jiri Burda die fortlaufende Internationalisierung sowie die weitere Markterschließung des Unternehmens.

Our Burda Team

Our team is formed by top performers. Our employees bring their expertise and their different individual qualifications into the company. Combined experience and teamwork is behind the strength in innovation which characterizes Burda WTG in the first place.

All of our employees are committed to improve our products and to satisfy our customers. Via our headquarter in Frankfurt, Eschborn, you can contact one of our international, friendly and enthusiastic experts who are at your disposal at any time. We are looking forward to your questions, ideas and opinions.

Jiri Burda
Jiri BurdaGeschäftsführung Strategie (Internationalisierung, Marktentwicklung), Produktentwicklung, Vertrieb und Finanzen
Gregor Langer
Gregor LangerKey Account International
Katrin Schulze
Katrin SchulzeBilanzbuchhaltung
Veronica Gidei
Veronica GideiAdministration
Stéphanie Malessa
Stéphanie MalessaAdministration
Vanessa Narzisi
Vanessa NarzisiJunior Marketing Managerin
Barbara Rübsam
Barbara RübsamMarketing & PR
Samir Azdad
Samir AzdadLogistik
Ali Gökce
Ali GökceLogistik