Jiri Burda, MD

Jiri Burda, born in 1965, is a native of Slovakia and has been living in the greater Frankfurt area since 1968.

During his business studies, the businessman founded Burda WTG in 1990 – at that time as a sole proprietorship and under the name Burda Worldwide Trading Group.

Since the start of the company, Jiri Burda has been responsible for development, sales and finances at Burda Worldwide Technologies GmbH, which is now established worldwide.

In addition, Jiri Burda is responsible for the ongoing internationalization as well as the market development of the company.

The Team of Burda WTG

The members of our team are real achievers.  Our competent employees bring a wide range of qualifications and languages ​​to our company.  The bundled experience and the fact that everyone pulls together makes the innovative strength of the Burda WTG possible in the first place. 

All our employees are working on even better products every day, always focused on the satisfaction of our customers.  Our international and motivated team is at your disposal at all times.  You are welcome to contact our staff personally.  We look forward to your questions, opinions and feedback.

Person in charge
Veronica Gidei
phone: +49 6173 32424 0
fax: +49 6173 32424 24
ACCOUNTING invoices@burdawtg.de
phone: +49 6173 32424 0
fax: +49 6173 32424 24
Samir Azdad
phone: +49 6173 32424 12
fax: +49 6173 32424 24
Ali Gökce
Barbara Rübsam
phone: +49 6173 324 24 0