Car wrapping and paint drying

Varnish drying and car wrapping with the support of TERM CVH
The compact infrared heating device  sends infrared rays directly to the varnished surface to be dried. As a result of the surface warming up, varnish is dried quickly and thoroughly. The same applies to paint. For timeous paint and varnish drying a heater  can be used on extensive surfaces. The heater can simply be plugged into a common 230 Volt household socket. The infrared heaters is immediately ready for operation and speeds up drying processes while saving electricity.

Infrared heaters for  car wrapping

The compact heater TERM CVH is very popular in the fiel of car wrapping. and car painting . The shortwave infrared technology is perfectly suited for drying and warming materials within minutes. The continuous and instant heat supports gently any drying processes. The hand-held heater allows flexible use for all parts, that needs to be wrapped or for painted parts.

Infrared heaters for construction sites: Drying varnish and building materials with cost-efficient infrared technology

BURDA shortwave infrared technology is perfectly suited for drying and warming building materials. Since infrared heaters provide continuous and instant heat, any kind of drying on building sites can be accomplished rapidly. Builders, site managers, architects and other stakeholders in the building sector rely on the efficient and cost-saving infrared dryers by BURDA PerfectClime.

Whether plastering walls, wallpapering or laying floor screed – our innovative heater systems offer uncomplicated solutions for building drying. The infrared heaters are easy to handle and can be mounted on a tripod or fixed to a wall or ceiling for longer use, such as a building project during winter.

Incidentally, our powerful infrared driers not only dry material but also create pleasant temperatures for the builders on site. Varnish drying, building drying or area heating with BURDA infrared technologies constitute an environmentally sensible heating solution for commercial and private building sites–and are thus more than convincing from an economic point of view as well.

Infrared heater for car wrapping paint and varnish drying

TERM2000 CVH IP20 in black

TERM2000 CVH IP20 in red