Accessories for
heater installations

Extensive mounting options for the professional installation of BURDA infrared heaters

As standard, TERM2000, SMART, RELAX and MODULAR infrared radiant heaters are equipped with brackets for wall or ceiling mounting. Optionally, we can offer you a wide range of mounting accessories for alternative fixings, such as under-ceiling with ceiling brackets, under awnings with awning brackets, clamps for umbrellas, tent fixation or tripods and stands for free-standing installations.

Ceiling brackets

Wall brackets


Awning brackets

Ceiling brackets for extented ceiling installations for TERM2000 and SMART infrared heaters.

Length: 20cm
Colors: white, black, anthracite, polished aluminum

Spare brackets for wall and ceiling installtaion.

T-Brackets: for TERM2000 COLOR heater:
L-Brackets: for TERM2000 aluminum heaters


Velcro atttachment for  TERM2000 and SMART heaters for struts and round brackets.

Please note: For TERM2000 COLOR heaters you need to order an additional short-bracket.

Brackets for TERM2000 heaters for hanging under awnings.

Length: 4 cm or 20 cm
Colors: white, black, anthracite, polished aluminum

Tent fixation


Pole & base

Tent fastening set including Velcro mount and safety rope. The tent attachment is suitable for mounting up to two infrared heaters from the TERM2000 series in polished aluminum and RELAX GLASS on tent poles. Please note: Two BZFIT fastenings are required for RELAX GLASS radiant heaters.

TentFIT is available in three lengths: 75cm, 100cm and 150 cm.

Solid tripod for TERM2000 and SMART heater series.

Hight: adjustable from 100 to 210 cm
Colors: white, black
Weight: about 2.6 kg

Elegant stainless steel base in silver for all RELAX GLASS models.

Material: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: Diameter foot plate: 500mm. Diameter rod: 38mm. Total height: 210cm.
Weight: 18 kg