Control systems
for BURDA infrared heaters

Dimmer, timer and motion detector via radio, cable or Bluetooth

BURDA heater series TERM2000, SMART, RELAX and MODULAR can optionally be upgraded or retrofitted with a remote control system. Dimmers, timers and sensors, which are controlled via cable, radio or Bluetooth, ensure optimal and individual heat management of the infrared heaters. Remote controls are available for all controls.





BLUETOOTH DIMMER, 1 zone, for the smart control of  infrared heaters with a maximum power of 3000 watts . The set includes a remote control and the free BURDA APP for controlling the heater via iOS and Android devices. The BT DIMMER is waterproof, protection class IP65 and therefore suitable for outdoor installation.

For heaters up to 2000 watt we recommend the radio dimmer BRFE20 (2 kW) with a control range of 50/66/100%.  For the radio dimmers we have matching remote controls SOLO Bi-Directional or MONO / VARIO Bi-Directional.

CONTROLLER BHC4001 / 6001  hard wired, 1 zone, for controlling heaters with a total output of 4000 to 6000 watt. The device is equipped with a keypad. A remote control BHCR1 is optional.
CONTROLLER BHC4002/6003-ER hard-wired,  2 or 3  zones. The set includes a separate keypad for the control of radiant heaters with a total power of 4000 to 6000 watts. A remote control BHCR9 is available as an option. The controller as well as the keypad are also available separately for the extension of existing control systems.

Extensive range of remote controls for control with Bluetooth, radio or cable.



The Burda-TS2/4 with 2kW or 4kW are part of a family of controllers designed to provide energy saving when used with Quartz Infrared Halogen Lamps or other Heating and Lighting Products. The TS2 model switches the lamps on for a pre-determined time period of between 5 and 60 seconds, the TS4 unit for a period of 1 and 40 minutes.

BPIR4 / 6 for quartz infrared halogen lamps belong to a class of energy-saving controllers. The model ‘P’ with built-in passive infrared (BPIR) motion sensor automatically turns on the lights only when there are people around. In addition to the infrared sensor, a temperature sensor monitors the outside temperature and switches off the lamps when the temperature exceeds a specified set point between 1 ° C and 40 ° C (BPIR4) or between 5 ° C and 25 ° C (BPIR6).