Waterproof infrared radiant heaters
for bathing areas & wet areas

Short­wa­ve infrared tech­no­lo­gy in bathing and wet areas

Waterproof infrared radiant heaters
for pool areas and wet rooms

Feel-good’ atmosphere with heating, cooling and lighting at indoor and outdoor pools


The lar­ge reflec­tor of the PERFECTCLIME SMART IP24 impres­ses with opti­mum ther­mal out­put, while the fine mist spray­ed from the coo­ling nozz­le crea­tes a plea­sant­ly refres­hing ambi­ence at the push of a button.

The PERFECTCLIME SMART IP24 MULTI series con­sists of powerful hea­ters with two or three hea­ting ele­ments and a total out­put of 3 to 6 kilo­watt. PERFECTCLIME® hea­ters are also equip­ped with two mis­ting nozz­les which pro­vi­de coo­ling when it is hot outside.


PERFECTCLIME® hea­ters need to be con­nec­ted to a water point. The heater’s pump appli­es 60 bar pres­su­re to the water to pro­du­ce the mist that is dif­fu­sed by the coo­ling nozz­les. PERFECTCLIME® access­ories include pumps and requi­si­tes nee­ded for the instal­la­ti­ons of the mis­ting sys­tem as well as spa­re parts and equip­ment to ensu­re that the sys­tem ope­ra­tes flawlessly.

Umbrella heater for the pool landscape

The com­pact all-in-one hea­ters can sim­ply be inte­gra­ted into exis­ting suns­ha­de struc­tures (stur­dy umbrel­las, awnings etc.). Alter­na­tively they can be moun­ted on walls or cei­lings or on a stand. Depen­ding on the sur­roun­dings and struc­tu­ral con­di­ti­ons, our opti­ons for instal­la­ti­on offer ple­nty of lee­way for the mobi­le use of infrared hea­ters in the pool area.

Be intrigued by the plea­sant cli­ma­te which water­pro­of radi­ant hea­ters crea­te in pool and wet are­as, and by the almost unli­mi­t­ed com­mer­cial and pri­va­te uses offe­red by our indi­vi­du­al, intel­li­gent and inno­va­ti­ve hea­ting solutions.

Intelligent heating solutions for heatable pool areas, by BURDA PerfectClime
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