Infrared heat panels

Cosy warmth with decorative wall and ceiling heating panels for
your home, bathroom, for offices  and reception areas

Enjoy the pleasant warmth of BURDA infrared heating panels like sunbeams on a clear winter day! Our HEATPANELS series offers various possibilities of installation with wall or ceiling mounting, with different designs and various wattages, tailor-made to the individual heat requirement. HEATPANELS are working with infrared long-waves and are suitable for use in all indoor areas. External controls via radio or dimmer can be found in our accessories range.

Infrared heating panels – all advantages at a glance:

  • pleasant radiant heat as from the tiled stove

  • dry, warm walls and objects

  • completely noiseless and odorless operation

  • low operating costs, especially when operating with solar collectors

  • light and flat design (only up to 2.5 cm thick)

  • with splash water protection IP54, except CLASSIC HEAT IP20

  • simple wall or ceiling mounting

  • connection to standard socket (230V)

  • No wear and no maintenance required

  • healthier room climate, since no dust upset

  • very suitable for asthmatics and allergy sufferers


Wall heater

Multi-functional wall heater in white with a power of 500 watts, integrated on / off switch and IP54 splash protection. Also available for ceiling mounting with an extra mountig kit!

Wall & ceiling heater

Radiant white heating panel with scratch-resistant, slightly textured surface with 300 up to 900 watts. Suitable for wall and ceiling mounting.

What is infrared?

Infrared radiation is a sub-area of the light spectrum generated by the sun. This type of light, however, is invisible to the human eye; it only serves to radiate heat. This means that infrared rays, responsible for the human sensation of heat, are positive rays and cannot be compared with UV or microwave radiation or with X-rays.

Owing to their varying wavelengths and resulting mode of action, a distinction is drawn between three types of infrared rays:

Infrared-A, short wave
780 – 1.400 nm (0,8 – 1,4 µ) 3620 K – 2070 K

Infrared-B, medium-wave
1.400 – 3.000 nm (1,4 – 3 µ) 2070 K – 965 K

Infrared-C, long-wave
3.000 – 10.000 nm (3 – 10 µ) 965 K – 290 K

The advantages of infrared heating!

  • Instant heat: 90% of the heat is available in short wave (IRA) within one second. Medium and long wave emitters (IRB and IRC) require a lead time of up to a maximum of 20 minutes.

  • Effective: 92% radiation efficiency! Over 85% of the energy is converted to heat. Medium and long wave radiators release some of the heat energy to the circulating air (convection heat)

  • Low budget: free of maintenance, except of electricity

  • Versatile: Even partial areas can be effectively heated

  • Performance: Wide power range up to 800 watts

  • Individual: Intensity adjustable from 0 – 100% with corresponding dimmer

  • Safe: with integrated overheating protection

  • Enviroment: hardly any emissions and no oxygen consumption

  • Clean: No pollution from blasts of air or dust