Garage heating with infrared heaters

Cost-efficient heating solutions with infrared technology for single or multi-car garages, workshops and showrooms.

Infrared heaters provide and easy and quick heating solution for garages , work spaces and exhibition areas. Most garages consist of simple concrete walls which can become unbearably cold. Compact and powerfull infrared heaters ensure perfect climate control in single, double and multi-car garages for new and second-hand cars, vintage and modern vehicles as well as two-wheelers. BURDA offers infrared heating technology for efficient and cost-effective heating solutions for any kind of garage.

Cost-efficient heating solutions with infrared technology by BURDA PerfectClime for single or multi-car garages, workshops and showrooms.

BURDA WTG offers tailor-made heating solutions for garages in any size and function for those, who wantsto exploit the garage’s full potential, even in cold weather periods. Anyone who enjoys pottering about in the garage will appreciate the additional useful space that can be gained for pursuing a hobby by installing infrared heating.

Infrared heating systems have also proved a success in exhibition areas such as the showrooms of large car dealerships.
Selective heating in the workplace is a speciality of our systems. Automated by motion sensors and dimmers, our systems will noticeably reduce the operating costs of mechanical workshops.

Advantages of infrared garage heaters:

  • heat is instantly available without preheating

  • no exhaust fumes

  • no noise or odour

  • LOW GLARE lamps with reduced red light

  • easy installation, on walls, under ceilings or free-standing

Electric garage heating with infrared heaters:

SMART IP24, compact

TERM CVH portable

TERM IP67, waterproof