Electric garage heating with infrared heaters

Cost-effi­ci­ent hea­ting solu­ti­ons with infrared tech­no­lo­gy for sin­gle or mul­ti-car gara­ges, work­shops and showrooms.

Electric garage heating with infrared heaters: Overview

Cost-efficient heating solutions with infrared technology by BURDA PerfectClime for single or multi-car garages, workshops and showrooms.

Innovative infrared heating technology for efficient and cost-effective heating solutions in

  • Sin­gle garages
  • Mul­ti-car gara­ges: cover­ed car parks, mul­ti-storey car parks, under­ground car parks
  • Com­pa­ny car parks
  • Com­mer­cial ser­vice sta­ti­on and gara­ging companies
  • Work­shops
  • Show­rooms and dis­play areas

Garage heating – perfect interior climate control for single and multi-car garages as well as exhibition areas

Infrared hea­ters, with the powerful SMART IP24 gara­ge hea­ter lea­ding the way, main­tain com­for­ta­ble tem­pe­ra­tures in gara­ges – espe­ci­al­ly during the cold months of the year. Most gara­ges con­sist of simp­le con­cre­te walls which can beco­me unbe­ara­b­ly cold, even in autumn. This not only affects deli­ca­te vehic­les, but anyo­ne who spends much time in the gara­ge. Hea­ters like the SMART are the ide­al solu­ti­on for kee­ping vehic­les in a tem­pe­ra­tu­re-con­trol­led gara­ge. Gara­ge hea­ting appli­ances by Bur­da hea­ting sys­tems ensu­re per­fect cli­ma­te con­trol in sin­gle, dou­ble and mul­ti-car gara­ges for new and second-hand cars, vin­ta­ge and modern vehic­les as well as two-wheelers.

Tail­or-made hea­ting sys­tems by BURDA Per­fect­Cli­me are desi­gned for gara­ges, based on:

  • Gara­ge size
  • Ther­mal out­put requirements
  • Scope of application

Garage heating for everyone who wants to exploit the garage’s full potential

Gara­ge hea­ting pro­tects not only vehic­les against icy tem­pe­ra­tures. Anyo­ne who enjoys pot­te­ring about in the gara­ge will app­re­cia­te the addi­tio­nal useful space that can be gai­ned for pur­suing a hob­by by instal­ling infrared heating.

BURDA Per­fect­Cli­me infrared hea­ting sys­tems have also pro­ved a suc­cess in exhi­bi­ti­on are­as such as the show­rooms of lar­ge car dealerships.

Advan­ta­ges of infrared gara­ge heaters

  • Heat is instant­ly available wit­hout preheating
  • No exhaust fumes
  • No noi­se or odour
  • LOW GLARE redu­ced red light share or optio­nal­ly as dark radia­tor
  • Easy instal­la­ti­on, also available as a tower hea­ter model, the SMART TOWER

Sel­ec­ti­ve hea­ting in the work­place is a spe­cia­li­ty of our sys­tems. Auto­ma­ted by moti­on sen­sors and dim­mers, our sys­tems will noti­ce­ab­ly redu­ce the ope­ra­ting cos­ts of mecha­ni­cal workshops. 

Garage heating at a glance: heaters for private garages, multi-car garages, workshops and car dealerships

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