Radiant heaters for outdoor kitchens

Infrared heatiers ensure cozy ambience on cold days in the outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is often exposed to wind and weather. If you don’t want to do without the outdoor cooking experience even in cool temperatures, a heatable outdoor kitchen is the best choice. Infrared radiant heaters offer an elegant and at the same time highly efficient solution for enjoying kitchen comfort even in the cold season or on cool summer evenings.

Cooking fun in any weather in the heated outdoor kitchen with infrared heaters

Radiant heaters with infrared shortwave (IRA) provide instant heat through infrared rays. Unlike gas patio heaters, convection heaters or long-wave heaters (IRC), almost no heat is released into the circulating air, which is also not very effective outdoors or in the open-air kitchen. Infrared rays hit the body directly and develop thermal energy that permeates the entire body. This creates a comfortable atmosphere in the outdoor kitchen for both the chef and the guests.

Planning an outdoor kitchen with radiant heaters

Infrared radiant heaters can be placed anywhere in the heated outdoor kitchen: on walls, under patio roofs/ceiling, on struts, under awnings, as a built-in ceiling heater, or free-standing on a movable tripod. Our weatherproof radiant heaters meet all quality requirements for long-lasting, highly effective and waterproof outdoor heating.

In summer, life takes place outdoors and with the right planning, a heated outdoor kitchen becomes a social meeting place for family celebrations, garden parties and other events. When designing a heatable outdoor kitchen, various areas should be considered:

  • The common area where friends, family and guests can relax in a comfortable atmosphere and enjoy the culinary arts

  • The work area that is not in the immediate vicinity of the cooking area and gives the hard-working cook warm hands

  • The buffet area where the delicious grilled and cooked dishes are presented

  • The bar where everyone meets and toasts to the grill master.

Stylish heating solutions, optionally with light for the outdoor kitchen

For outdoor kitchens and terraces, we offer both individual solutions with radiant heaters in various power levels and modular system solutions including LED lighting and cooling nozzles. The modules can be combined with each other in any length and configuration. The innovative and patented BURDA MODULARSYSTEM of the TERM2000 series was awarded the RED DOT AWARD 2019 and the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2019, among others. The radiant heater series RELAX GLASS follows the same modular principle, the first and only short-wave heaters on the market with elegant Schott Nextrema® glass ceramic. The waterproof designer heaters with a white or black glass front offer instant heat in outdoor areas with up to 95% light reduction in the ambience.

Our recommendations for the heated outdoor kitchen:

Pure elegance


Chic heating solution for outdoor kitchens! The RELAX GLASS series impresses at first sight with its elegant design thanks to the high-quality glass-ceramic front SCHOTT NEXTREMA®. The waterproof radiant heaters are available with different colored housing and glass fronts in different wattages for wall and ceiling mounting. They can also be embedded in the ceiling with frames. The patio heater can be expanded with LED light modules and cooling nozzles. Compatible with Somfy io-homecontrol® radio control systems!

The patented MODULAR SYSTEM, which has won international awards (e.g. REDT DOT AWARD 2019, GERMAN DESIGN AWARD) offers the optimal solution for larger outdoor areas. The weatherproof system solution consists of individual modules for heat with infrared radiant heaters, LED lighting and cooling nozzles for refreshing cooling on hot days. The modules can be freely combined with each other in any length, equipment and colour. Optionally also available as a standalone radiant heater TERM2000 IP67 with Bluetooth.