TERM2000 infrared heater

The first and only infrared radiant heaters with water protection up to IP67!

The TERM2000 heater series reflects the full innovative power of BURDA PerfectClime. As a leading manufacturer of infrared radiant heaters, we offer – partly patented – solutions for uncomplicated, energy-saving and user-friendly heating solutions for outdoor areas in any size.

TERM2000 infrared heaters are equipped with a specially developed and manufactured ULTRA LOW GLARE infrared gold tube which guarantees a very long service life of up to 5,000 hours. For all outdoor applications, we present waterproof devices in protection classes IP44, IP65 and IP67.

The advantages of the heater series TERM2000 at a glance:

  • heating without lead time within seconds

  • different power levels, sizes and optionally with LED light for precise use in all outdoor areas

  • intelligent operation via Bluetooth or additional cable/radio control

  • flexible use with various mounting options for setting up, hanging, and for wall or ceiling mounting

  • timeless, slim heater design in a wide range of colors and sizes

  • odor-neutral, low-noise, environmentally friendly operation with emission values ​​close to zero

  • waterproof casing in various protection classes IP44/65/67

  • LOW GLARE and ULTRA LOW GLARE heating tubes with red light reduction up to 80%  for instant heat in a pleasant candlelit atmosphere

TERM2000 IP67


TERM2000 IP44

Effective instant heat with fully waterproof single, double or multi devices – in many variants, also with Bluetooth.

Effective instant heat for industral surroundings with HIGH GLARE lamp (orange light).

Instant heat in sheltered outdoor areas with compact, colorful infrared heaters with splash protection.


TERM2000 L&H IP65


Powerful standing device for the outdoor gastronomy and event areas in different watt and colors.

Heat and light in one device with a powerful heating element with integrated LED spotlights.

Practical hand tool for paint and color drying or wrapping with infrared short-wave.