Terrace heating with short-wave infrared heaters

Can be combined with light, sound and cooling solutions

With the RELAX GLASS or TERM2000 modu­les, you turn any ter­race into an oasis of com­fort – wha­te­ver the wea­ther. The uni­que com­bi­na­ti­on opti­ons not only ensu­re a warm ter­race on cool days! They also pro­vi­de the right atmo­sphe­re, with high-qua­li­ty Blue­tooth spea­k­ers and LED light­ing. For hot sum­me­ry days, the sys­tems can be upgraded to include coo­ling nozz­les, which are con­nec­ted to a water pump to pro­vi­de cool refresh­ment. They are also com­pa­ti­ble with Som­fy io-home­con­trol® radio con­trol­led sys­tems (depen­ding on model).

The ter­race of today!
Wea­ther-pro­of BURDA ter­race hea­ters, with sound, light or coo­ling features

Sim­ply com­bi­ne indi­vi­du­al modu­les to crea­te the per­fect atmo­sphe­re for your ter­race, with instant heat, back­ground music, ambi­ent light­ing and/or refres­hing coo­ling on hot sum­me­ry days. Choo­se from the ele­gant modu­les of our RELAX GLASS series, with a SCHOTT Nex­tre­ma® cera­mic glass front and TERM2000 hea­ter, with the hig­hest water pro­tec­tion class, IP67. For hot sum­mer days, the sys­tems can be upgraded to include coo­ling nozz­les which, when con­nec­ted to a water pump, pro­vi­de refres­hing coo­ling. The modu­les can be com­bi­ned with one ano­ther howe­ver you choo­se, but they can also be instal­led as stan­da­lo­ne units in all out­door are­as. Bur­da WTG’s MODULAR SYSTEM is the first sys­tem for the out­door indus­try, that can be free­ly com­bi­ned, in any length, colour and func­tion of your choice, and instal­led in out­door are­as of any size. Our com­pa­ny has alre­a­dy won num­e­rous pri­zes for our pro­ducts, inclu­ding the RED DOT DESIGN AWARD 2019 and the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD.

Modular terrace heating systems with infrared heaters, Bluetooth speakers, LED lighting and a cooling feature

Ins­tead of seve­ral stand-alo­ne hea­ters, the paten­ted BURDA MODULAR SYSTEM enables a seam­less com­bi­na­ti­on of infrared hea­ting ele­ments, Blue­tooth spea­k­ers, LED modu­les and / or coo­ling nozz­les, which can be cus­to­mi­sed to meet your indi­vi­du­al hea­ting requi­re­ments and design pre­fe­ren­ces pre­cis­e­ly, and which can also be adapt­ed to match the colour sche­me of the exis­ting decor.

Modern infrared terrace heaters

MODULAR multi-talents for terraces of any size

BURDA MODULAR offers a ver­sa­ti­le ran­ge of com­bi­na­ti­ons for your ter­race heaters:

  • Short-wave infrared hea­ters for instant heat in all out­door areas

  • High-qua­li­ty Blue­tooth spea­k­ers, with gre­at sound quality

  • Light modu­les with LED spots for effec­ti­ve light­ing accents

  • With redu­ced red light com­po­nent, for an eye-fri­end­ly atmosphere

  • Modern designs in a wide ran­ge of colours
  • War­ran­ty sup­port­ed by high-qua­li­ty mate­ri­als and workmanship

Select various MODULES with individual options for the combination of heat, sound, lighting and cooling functions!


Our recommendations for your terrace heating, with many extras:

Pure Elegance


The SCHOTT NEXTREMA® cera­mic glass-fron­ted, infrared short wave hea­ter, for instant, inten­si­ve heat, is a sty­lish hea­ting solu­ti­on for the ter­race and all out­door are­as. Available in various wat­ta­ges. A frame for cei­ling instal­la­ti­on is also available. Can be upgraded with Blue­tooth spea­k­ers, LED light modu­les and coo­ling nozz­les. Also available as an io radi­ant hea­ter for Som­fy io-home­con­trol® systems!

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Ide­al for lar­ge­ter­races! The paten­ted MODULAR SYSTEM, which has won inter­na­tio­nal awards (inclu­ding the RED DOT DESIGN AWARD 2019, GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2019), con­sists of indi­vi­du­al modu­les for heat, with infrared hea­ters, sound with Blue­tooth spea­k­ers, LED light­ing, and coo­ling nozz­les for refres­hing reli­ef on hot days. The radi­ant hea­ters are also available as stan­da­lo­ne devices TERM2000 IP67, optio­nal­ly for Som­fy io-home­con­trol® radio con­trol sys­tems or with Blue­tooth.

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Calculating the heating requirements for your terrace

When cal­cu­la­ting the requi­red heat out­put for your ter­race, we make a distinc­tion bet­ween wind-pro­tec­ted and win­dy terraces.

A : A pro­tec­ted ter­race is pro­tec­ted from the wind, e.g. by side walls or lamellae/a ter­race roof
B : An unpro­tec­ted ter­race is loca­ted on the wea­ther side of the pro­per­ty, and has no wind protection

Calculation, Variation A

cal­cu­la­te, based on a requi­re­ment of 300 Watt per squa­re meter

TERM2000 (MODULAR) Heater:
cal­cu­la­te, based on  250 Watt per squa­re meter

Calculation, Variation B

cal­cu­la­te, based on a requi­re­ment of 400 Watt per squa­re meter

TERM2000 (MODULAR) Heater:
cal­cu­la­te, based on  300 Watt per squa­re meter