MODULAR CONCEPT for terrace heating

Always the perfect temperature on the terrace

A BURDA Per­fec­t­Cli­me ter­race hea­ter ensu­res the per­fect cli­ma­te on the ter­race at home, in your hotel or at a restau­rant – with optio­nal inte­gra­ted ligh­t­ing and eva­po­ra­ti­ve coo­ling.

Cool evening or hot day? The solution: the Burda infrared terrace heater!

On cool evenings or extre­me­ly hot days our com­pact infra­red radi­ant hea­ters (with or wit­hout optio­nal light) and com­bi­na­ti­on hea­ting and coo­ling radia­tors offer you the ide­al solu­ti­on for a per­fec­t­ly com­for­ta­ble tem­pe­ra­tu­re. BURDA Per­fec­t­Cli­me offers a wide ran­ge of high-qua­li­ty infra­red radi­ant hea­ters, both for the home ter­race as well as for lar­ge ter­races in hotels, restau­rants, and many other out­door are­as.

Terrace radiant heater – diverse application possibilities and fields of use

BURDA Per­fec­t­Cli­me ter­race hea­ters are tailo­red both to the requi­re­ments of pri­va­te house­holds as well as to com­mer­ci­al use in lar­ge pre­mi­ses. The infra­red radi­ant hea­ters from our TERM and SMART collec­tions – with optio­nal inte­gra­ted halo­gen ligh­t­ing – as well as our inno­va­ti­ve PERFECTCLIME heating/cooling radia­tors offer fle­xi­ble com­bi­na­ti­on cli­ma­te solu­ti­ons for your own indi­vi­du­al hea­ting and coo­ling needs.

Modular terrace heaters:

all-rounders for individual climate control

BURDA Per­fec­t­Cli­me offers an unpar­al­leled varie­ty of inno­va­ti­ve, paten­ted com­bi­na­ti­on hea­ting devices that set stan­dards with:

  • high func­tio­n­a­li­ty (warmth, light, coo­ling, air humi­di­fi­ca­ti­on)
  • ULTRA LOW GLARE  with 80% red light reduc­tion
  • modern design
  • colour varie­ty in all RAL colours
  • wea­ther­pro­of and water­pro­of with par­ti­cle pro­tec­tion
  • high mate­ri­al and build qua­li­ty with war­ran­ty
  • opti­mal ener­gy effi­ci­en­cy

BURDA offers a wide range of terrace heaters with heating, cooling, light and sound

BURDA Per­fec­t­Cli­me ter­race hea­ters ensu­re a well-tem­pe­red atmo­s­phe­re on the ter­race, on the bal­co­ny and in the gar­den in all wea­thers. And this throughout the who­le year – and thanks to our water­pro­of IP65 and IP67 infra­red radi­ant ter­race hea­ters, now in unpro­tec­ted and damp out­door are­as, too. You won’t need any other exter­nal hea­ting such as gas mushroom hea­ters or air con­di­tio­ning.

Variable configurations:

Our radiant terrace heaters can be supplied in the following configurations:

  • with various heat out­puts (wat­ta­ges) for dif­fe­rent sized are­as
  • with or wit­hout remo­te con­trols,
  • por­ta­ble (with stand) for tem­pora­ry or per­ma­nent moun­ting.

The bene­fits of our com­pact infra­red radi­ant hea­ters lie in their ver­sa­ti­li­ty. With litt­le trou­ble, the radi­ant ter­race hea­ter can be taken into the gar­den – say, for a par­ty – to crea­te a plea­sant cli­ma­te, even on cool evenings.
Let the excel­lent qua­li­ty of BURDA Per­fec­t­Cli­me com­bi­na­ti­on infra­red ter­race hea­ters con­vin­ce you!
Con­tact us and request your free con­sul­ta­ti­on. Our infra­red radi­ant hea­ter experts will glad­ly plan the set-up for your cate­ring ter­races, event are­as and other are­as of use.

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