The Generation of Bluetooth Heaters

Home control with Bluetooth infrared heaters

The Blue­tooth hea­ters are based on the tried-and-tested hea­ters of the TERM2000 and SMART series, which can be used both indoors and out. Equip­ped with a Blue­tooth inter­face, the new BT hea­ters can be con­trol­led com­for­ta­b­ly and wire­less­ly with your smart­pho­ne or tablet. The accom­pany­ing BURDA APP is com­pa­ti­ble with all iOS and Andro­id end devices, and is avail­ab­le as a free Down­load. Besi­des wire­less con­trol using the smart­pho­ne app, the Blue­tooth hea­ters can be ope­ra­ted with the pro­ven infra­red remo­te con­trol (ran­ge of 6 meters) as usu­al, or manu­al­ly, with an inte­gra­ted switch on the device. The infra­red remo­te con­trol con­tai­ned in the set is in Uni­code, and is com­pa­ti­ble with all BURDA Blue­tooth hea­ters. Using the device’s built-in switch, the hea­ters can be tur­ned on and off or dim­med by sim­ply pres­sing the con­trols repeated­ly.

Bluetooth Heaters – all the advantages at a glance

  • With a ran­ge of up to 50 metres, the BURDA APP can regu­la­te up to eight infra­red hea­ters indi­vi­dual­ly. And this does not requi­re any visu­al con­tact bet­ween the smart­pho­ne and the hea­ter, sin­ce the data can even be trans­mit­ted through walls.

  • All BURDA Blue­tooth hea­ters can be indi­vi­dual­ly con­trol­led or tur­ned on and off via the app, from only one inter­face (smart­pho­ne or tablet). You can pro­gram­me up to eight Bur­da hea­ters in the app con­trols, name them indi­vi­dual­ly for prac­ti­ca­li­ty, and mana­ge them eit­her indi­vi­dual­ly or simul­ta­ne­ous­ly.
  • Besi­des the infi­ni­te­ly varia­ble heat regu­la­ti­on, you can set the heater’s tilt sen­si­ti­vi­ty via the soft­ware. It deter­mi­nes when the hea­ter should turn its­elf off, due to safe­ty rea­sons, for examp­le, if it wob­bles or falls when some­thing bumps against it.
  • By means of the app’s TIMER func­tion, you can pro­gram­me all your infra­red hea­ters to switch off easi­ly and com­for­ta­b­ly at a desi­red time.
  • The BURDA APP is com­pa­ti­ble with all iOS and Andro­id end devices.

All Blue­tooth models in over­view