Intelligent hall heating with infrared radiant heaters

Burda infrared heaters for halls can be set up to meet the exact requirements of the customer . We offer space saving solutions which are highly effective and blend harmoniously into existing hall constructions.

Infrared heaters for the efficient heating of warehouses, industrial halls, sports halls, halls in public buildings and for functions

Based on the size and special requirements of halls we develop tailor-made solutions for the individual needs of our customers in industry, commerce, associations and public institutions as well as those of private clients. Shortwave infrared technology allows for pinpointed warming of persons and objects without thermal loss. The radiation of the heaters produces electromagnetic waves which directly warm people and objects within the heating radius of the infrared heater. In contrast to industrial and hall heating systems based on convection heat, no thermal energy is lost through rising hot air or open gates when infrared systems are used for heating halls. This results in substantial cost efficiency potentials. Furthermore, infrared heat is instantly available without lead-time – another cost advantage over traditional industrial heating.

BURDA radiant heater recommendations for hall heating:




Waterproof, powerful infrared heaters  for industrial surrondings.

Powerful, waterproof and robust double or triple heating tubes for large areas.

Compact, space-saving infrared heaters for walls or under ceilings.