Infra­red hea­ting solutions
for public buildings

Large infrared radiant heaters in public buildings and outdoor areas

Whe­ther in a muse­um, public libra­ry, admi­nis­tra­ti­ve buil­ding, uni­ver­si­ty, school or at gathe­rings and public events – the inno­va­ti­ve infra­red radi­ant hea­ters by BURDA Per­fect­Cli­me rise to the chal­len­ge and allow for fle­xi­ble use indoors and out­doors. They are main­ten­an­ce-free, easy to install and pro­vi­de instant heat at the push of a but­ton. In con­trast to con­vec­tion hea­ters, which move vast volu­mes of air in a room, radi­ant hea­ters have a tar­ge­ted effect. This means that no heat is lost, no dust is swir­led up and hea­ting starts without leng­thy lead times.

Warm rooms without central heating

It is often a chal­len­ge to heat rooms in public buil­dings, espe­cial­ly older ones. Alter­na­ti­ve hea­ting solu­ti­ons for a tem­pora­ry heat sup­ply are nee­ded, which replace or com­ple­ment the cos­t­ly cen­tral hea­ting sys­tem – pre­fer­a­b­ly without requi­ring exten­si­ve struc­tu­ral alte­ra­ti­ons. This is whe­re infra­red radi­ant hea­ters like our TERM 2000 IP67 come in. The radi­ant hea­ter is moun­ted to the wall or to the cei­ling, and for out­door are­as it is avail­ab­le as a free­stan­ding model (TERM TOWER PALMS).

The advan­ta­ges of TERM 2000 IP67 radi­ant hea­ters for public buil­dings and out­door events:

  • being wea­ther-pro­of they are sui­ted for indoors as well as out of doors
  • they come in dif­fe­rent colours (COLOR models) so that they blend into the exis­ting design of a room
  • they are eye-friend­ly becau­se their hea­ting ele­ment emits 80 per­cent less red light than tra­di­tio­nal radi­ant hea­ters (ULTRA LOW GLARE)

Infrared radiant heaters for public buildings:
Easy installation, rapid effect, no lead time, cost-efficient operation.
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Radiant heaters with timer: intelligent cost-saving technology

Lar­ge are­as, sec­tions or indi­vi­du­al spaces can be hea­ted in a con­trol­led, time-dri­ven and cost-saving man­ner when infra­red radi­ant hea­ters are digi­tal­ly lin­ked to a timer. Sin­ce lar­ge radi­ant hea­ters in public buil­dings gene­ra­te tar­ge­ted heat without lead time they offer fur­ther cost effi­ci­en­cy poten­ti­als over tra­di­tio­nal hea­ting systems.

Large infrared radiant heaters for outdoor areas

For out­door events we recom­mend the con­ve­ni­ent, strikin­gly desi­gned free­stan­ding models such as the TERM TOWER or SMART TOWER. The infra­red tower hea­ters impress with their smart, place-saving design and easy app­li­ca­ti­on. Sim­ply plug­ged into a socket they are immedia­te­ly rea­dy for use.

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