Pump systems and connections for all PERFECTCLIME® TERM2000 heaters with cooling nozzles

Pumps and installation requirements as well as spare parts and accessories for the technically perfect cooling operation of our PERFECTCLIME® devices. Ideal for cooling outdoor air such as in a gazebo, tent or on the terrace with the PRFECTCLIME heating & cooling devices TERM2000 with cooling nozzles.



For perfect cooling, PERFECTCLIME® pump systems offer the possibility of producing the finest cooling mist in different performance levels. Thanks to the integrated digital timer with 24-hour programming, the control of the cooling fog is made possible to the minute. The high-performance pumps with 70 bar pressure is available as PCE05 with a water consumption of 0.5 l per minute.

The supply of water to the pump and to the device is made by a hose connection. The water supply from nozzle to nozzle can be made either by a thin polyamide tube or by stainless steel tubes. Stainless steel pipes are static, while the hose connection is more flexible.



PERFECTCLIME® chalk and particle filter


Make your choice for the cooling nozzle with different diameters of 0.15 over 0.2 and 0.3 to 0.4 mm. The diameter of the spray droplets depends on the diameter of the nozzle opening. The smaller the opening, the finer the cooling mist. However, this rule only applies to absolutely dry outdoor areas. For the Central European region we recommend a diameter of the nozzle opening of 0.2 / 0.3 mm standard equipment.

Our extensive range of couplings offers a wide selection for the connection of hoses and pipes of the PERFECTCLIME cooling system.

Chalk and particle filters should not be missing in the cooling system. We offer a selection of individual filters and filter combinations for your system.

In regions with high  sun exposure, a UV filter is essential for the treatment of germ-free water.