Pump systems and connections for all PERFECTCLIME® TERM2000 heaters with cooling nozzles

Pumps and instal­la­ti­on requi­re­ments as well as spa­re parts and access­ories for the tech­ni­cal­ly per­fect coo­ling ope­ra­ti­on of our PERFECTCLIME® devices. Ide­al for coo­ling out­door air such as in a gaze­bo, tent or on the ter­race with the PRFECTCLIME hea­ting & coo­ling devices TERM2000 with coo­ling nozzles.

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For per­fect coo­ling, PERFECTCLIME® pump sys­tems offer the pos­si­bi­li­ty of pro­du­cing the finest coo­ling mist in dif­fe­rent per­for­mance levels. Thanks to the inte­gra­ted digi­tal timer with 24-hour pro­gramming, the con­trol of the coo­ling fog is made pos­si­ble to the minu­te. The high-per­for­mance pumps with 70 bar pres­su­re is available as PCE05 with a water con­sump­ti­on of 0.5 l per minute.

The sup­p­ly of water to the pump and to the device is made by a hose con­nec­tion. The water sup­p­ly from nozz­le to nozz­le can be made eit­her by a thin poly­ami­de tube or by stain­less steel tubes. Stain­less steel pipes are sta­tic, while the hose con­nec­tion is more flexible.

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PERFECTCLIME® chalk and particle filter


Make your choice for the coo­ling nozz­le with dif­fe­rent dia­me­ters of 0.15 over 0.2 and 0.3 to 0.4 mm. The dia­me­ter of the spray dro­p­lets depends on the dia­me­ter of the nozz­le ope­ning. The smal­ler the ope­ning, the finer the coo­ling mist. Howe­ver, this rule only appli­es to abso­lut­e­ly dry out­door are­as. For the Cen­tral Euro­pean regi­on we recom­mend a dia­me­ter of the nozz­le ope­ning of 0.2 / 0.3 mm stan­dard equipment.

Our exten­si­ve ran­ge of cou­plings offers a wide sel­ec­tion for the con­nec­tion of hoses and pipes of the PERFECTCLIME coo­ling system.

Chalk and par­tic­le fil­ters should not be miss­ing in the coo­ling sys­tem. We offer a sel­ec­tion of indi­vi­du­al fil­ters and fil­ter com­bi­na­ti­ons for your system.

In regi­ons with high  sun expo­sure, a UV fil­ter is essen­ti­al for the tre­at­ment of germ-free water.

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