Infrared heaters: as good as heat from the sun!

BURDA infrared radiant heaters and -systems offer all climate solutions from one single source

As a pioneer in the field of short-wave infra­red tech­no­lo­gy, BURDA WTG has the bene­fit of over 25 years of pro­duc­tion expe­ri­ence. Sin­ce the ear­ly days, our hea­ters have deve­lo­ped into very effi­ci­ent high-tech sys­tems, used in prac­ti­cal­ly all con­ceiva­ble are­as. Indoors or out­doors, for house­hold, com­mer­cial, indus­try and public envi­ron­ments with per­ma­nent or tem­pora­ry instal­la­ti­ons, from sin­gle units up to mul­ti­ple instal­la­ti­ons. With offer opti­ons with ligh­t­ing , heat con­trol with blue­tooth and our uni­que and paten­ted hea­ting & coo­ling sys­tems for vir­tual­ly all are­as and environments.

BURDA infrared heater series:


Heizstrahler Relax Serie

The first water­pro­of short-wave hea­ter for out­doors with Schott Nex­tre­ma® cer­a­mic-glass. The hea­ter seri­es is avail­ab­le in dif­fe­rent power ran­ges and colours for wall and cei­ling moun­ting as well as flush-moun­ted cei­ling instal­la­ti­ons with frame. Also avail­ab­le with Somfy io-home­con­trol® function!
THe RELAX! hea­ter seri­es also inclu­des long-wave car­bon hea­ters RELAX DARK without any light emis­si­on at all.


Ele­gant hea­ter seri­es with the hig­hest water pro­tec­tion class in a slim design for all out­door are­as. Opti­nal with Blue­tooth inter­face and avail­ab­le with inte­gra­ted LED spots LIGHT & HEAT. The hea­ter is also avail­ab­le in a long-wave ver­si­on as a dark hea­ter with abso­lut­ly no light emis­si­on at all. Also avail­ab­le with Somfy io-home­con­trol® function!



Heizstrahler Smart Serie

Com­pact hea­ter seri­es with infra­red short-wave and splash guard for inten­se instant heat in all shel­te­red out­door are­as. For moun­ting on the wall, under the cei­ling or as flush-moun­ted cei­ling hea­ter in a frame. Optio­nal­ly avail­ab­le with Blue­tooth function.


Award-win­ning cli­ma­te solu­ti­on with hea­ting, coo­ling, LED light and Blue­tooth modu­les in any desi­red length, fea­tures and colour for out­door are­as of all sizes. Awar­ded with inter­na­tio­nal design pri­zes 2018/19 such as the RED DOT DESIGN AWARD and the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD.


The paten­ted hea­ting, coo­ling, light and sound devices pro­vi­de instant heat with infra­red short-wave, plea­sant light effects with LED spot­lights, gre­at sound with Blue­tooth spea­kers and refres­hing tem­pe­ra­tures with coo­ling nozz­les – all in one device

  • High-per­for­mance infra­red hea­ters with short-, medi­um- and long wave in a wide ran­ge of power and colors

  • Uni­que patio hea­ter TERM2000 with the hig­hest water pro­tec­tion class IP67

  • Paten­ted hea­ting and coo­ling devices PERFECTCLIME® with eva­po­ra­ti­ve coo­ling for hot days

  • Infra­red hea­ters with LED spots LIGHT & HEAT for atmo­s­phe­ric lighting

  • Award-win­ning sys­tem solu­ti­ons BURDA MODULAR for com­bi­ned instant heat with light, sound and cooling

  • Avail­ab­le as sin­gle or mul­ti­ple device

  • For wall and cei­ling moun­ting, as flush-moun­ted cei­ling instal­la­ti­on or stan­din­ge hea­ter device

  • Equip­ped with tubes which emit up to 80 per­cent less red light


What is infrared?

Infra­red radia­ti­on is a sub-area of the light spec­trum gene­ra­ted by the sun. This type of light, howe­ver, is invi­si­ble to the human eye; it only ser­ves to radia­te heat. This means that infra­red rays, respon­si­ble for the human sen­sa­ti­on of heat, are posi­ti­ve rays and can­not be com­pa­red with UV or micro­wa­ve radia­ti­on or with X-rays.

Owing to their vary­ing wav­elengths and resul­ting mode of action, a dis­tinc­tion is drawn bet­ween three types of infra­red rays:

Infra­red-A, short wave
780 – 1.400 nm (0,8 – 1,4 µ) 3620 K – 2070 K

Infra­red-B, medium-wave
1.400 – 3.000 nm (1,4 – 3 µ) 2070 K – 965 K

Infra­red-C, long-wave
3.000 – 10.000 nm (3 – 10 µ) 965 K – 290 K

Advantages of infrared heating!

  • Instant heat: 90% of the heat is avail­ab­le in short wave (IRA) wit­hin one second. Medi­um and long wave emit­ters (IRB and IRC) requi­re a lead time of up to a maxi­mum of 20 minutes.

  • Effec­ti­ve: 92% radia­ti­on effi­ci­en­cy! Over 85% of the ener­gy is con­ver­ted to heat. Medi­um and long wave radia­tors release some of the heat ener­gy to the cir­cu­la­ting air (con­vec­tion heat)

  • Low bud­get: free of maintenance

  • Pre­cise: Heat can be direc­ted in any direction

  • Ver­sa­ti­le: Even par­ti­al are­as can be effec­tively heated

  • Per­for­mance: Wide power ran­ge up to 18 000 watt

  • Cus­to­mi­sed: Inten­si­ty adjus­ta­ble from 0 – 100 %

  • Reli­able: Life span of tubes up to 5,000 h – even with con­stant swit­ching on and off

  • Secu­re: Shock­pro­of due to use of quartz tubes

  • Envi­ro­ment:  Hard­ly any emis­si­ons and no oxy­gen consumption

  • Clean: No pol­lu­ti­on from blasts of air or dust