Infrared heaters: as good as heat from the sun!

BURDA infrared radiant heaters and -systems offer all climate solutions from one single source

As a pioneer in the field of short-wave infrared technology, BURDA WTG has the benefit of over 25 years of production experience. Since the early days, our heaters have developed into very efficient high-tech systems, used in practically all conceivable areas. Indoors or outdoors, for household, commercial, industry and public environments with permanent or temporary installations, from single units up to multiple installations. With offer options with lighting , heat control with bluetooth and our unique and patented heating & cooling systems for virtually all areas and environments.

BURDA infrared heater series:


The first waterproof short-wave heater for outdoors with Schott Nextrema® ceramic-glass. The heater series is available in different power ranges and colours for wall and ceiling mounting as well as flush-mounted ceiling installations with frame. Also available with Somfy io-homecontrol® function! The RELAX heater series also includes long-wave carbon heaters RELAX DARK without any light emission at all.


Elegant heater series with the highest water protection class up to IP67 in a slim design for all outdoor areas. Optinal with Bluetooth interface or as a modular system solution with heating, cooling and light modules in any desired length, features and color, awarded with international design awards 2018/19 such as the RED DOT DESIGN AWARD and the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD.



Please note: Production of the SMART series has been discontinued. Remaining stocks are available while stocks last!
Compact heater series with infrared short-wave and splash guard for intense instant heat in all sheltered outdoor areas. For mounting on the wall, under the ceiling or as flush-mounted ceiling heater in a frame. Optionally available with Bluetooth function.

  • High-performance infrared heaters with short- and long wave in a wide range of power and colors

  • Unique patio heater TERM2000 with the highest water protection class IP67

  • Award-winning solutions BURDA MODULAR for combined instant heat with light and cooling

  • Available as single or multiple device

  • For wall and ceiling mounting, as flush-mounted ceiling installation or standinge heater device

  • Available with lamps which emit up to 70% less red light


What is infrared?

Infrared radiation is a sub-area of the light spectrum generated by the sun. This type of light, however, is invisible to the human eye; it only serves to radiate heat. This means that infrared rays, responsible for the human sensation of heat, are positive rays and cannot be compared with UV or microwave radiation or with X-rays.

Owing to their varying wavelengths and resulting mode of action, a distinction is drawn between three types of infrared rays:

Infrared-A, short wave
780 – 1.400 nm (0,8 – 1,4 µ) 3620 K – 2070 K

Infrared-B, medium-wave
1.400 – 3.000 nm (1,4 – 3 µ) 2070 K – 965 K

Infrared-C, long-wave
3.000 – 10.000 nm (3 – 10 µ) 965 K – 290 K

Advantages of infrared heating!

  • Instant heat: 90% of the heat is available in short wave (IRA) within one second. Medium and long wave emitters (IRB and IRC) require a lead time of up to a maximum of 20 minutes.

  • Effective: 92% radiation efficiency! Over 85% of the energy is converted to heat. Medium and long wave radiators release some of the heat energy to the circulating air (convection heat)

  • Low budget: free of maintenance

  • Precise: Heat can be directed in any direction

  • Versatile: Even partial areas can be effectively heated

  • Performance: Wide power range up to 18 000 watt

  • Customised: Intensity adjustable from 0 – 100 %

  • Reliable: Life span of tubes up to 5,000 h – even with constant switching on and off

  • Secure: Shockproof due to use of quartz tubes

  • Enviroment:  Hardly any emissions and no oxygen consumption

  • Clean: No pollution from blasts of air or dust