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Energy-saving hall heating with
infrared industrial heaters

Kompakte, platzsparende Industrieheizstrahler mit Deckenmontage zur Beheizung von Logistikhallen.

Compact, space-saving industrial heater with overhead installation for heating logistic warehouses

Infrared heaters for the efficient heating of industrial halls,
sports halls, halls in public buildings and for functions

System solutions by BURDA PerfectClime for energy-saving hall heating with
infrared industrial heaters

Heating, cooling, humidifying, lighting – almost anything is possible with BURDA technologies. Based on the size and special requirements of halls we develop tailor-made solutions for the individual needs of our customers in industry, commerce, associations and public institutions as well as those of private clients.

Infrared heaters for halls reduce energy costs

Shortwave infrared technology allows for pinpointed warming of persons and objects without thermal loss. The radiation of the heaters produces electromagnetic waves which directly warm people and objects within the heating radius of the infrared heater. In contrast to industrial and hall heating systems based on convection heat, no thermal energy is lost through rising hot air or open gates when infrared systems are used for heating halls. This results in substantial cost efficiency potentials. Furthermore, infrared heat is instantly available without lead-time – another cost advantage over traditional industrial heating.

BURDA PerfectClime infrared heaters meet the specific heating requirements for halls such as logistics warehouses, sports halls or industrial halls.
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Infrared heating of halls – all the advantages at one glance

  • Energieeinsparungen durch minimierten Wärmeverlust
  • günstige Investitionskosten gegen über konventionellen Hallenheizungen
  • geringe Betriebskosten
  • einfache und flexible Montage ohne baulichen Aufwand
  • platzsparende Installation als Deckenhallenheizung
  • geräusch- und geruchloser Betrieb
  • keine Staubaufwirbelung, schont die Lagerware, Maschinen etc.
  • gutes Raumklima, da der Luft keine Feuchtigkeit entzogen wird
  • Sofortwärme, die bei Bedarf abgerufen werden kann
Heating for logistics warehouses. Logistic warehouses pose special challenges to heating: gates in loading zones opened frequently, shelving systems under high ceilings and different usage areas. We offer complete system solutions with infrared heaters that meet specified requirements. Get in touch with us!

The innovation: combined radiation heaters with integrated cooling nozzle

We have developed the first modular heating & cooling concept using shortwave infrared technology. PERFECTCLIME is a novelty product patented worldwide. It allows for time controlled adjustments to the climate in the workplace or sections thereof. In combination with motion sensors PERFECTCLIME furthermore offers real savings: with the ‘follow me’ function, heat or fine refreshing water mist from the cooling nozzle literally follows a person through the entire warehouse and creates a ‘healthy’ indoor climate.

Infrared heating for multi-function halls – now also available with reduced light

Heating, cooling, humidifying, lighting and saving ready cash – all in one device. Burda infrared heaters for halls can be set up to meet the exact requirements of the customer and, saving space, blend harmoniously into existing hall constructions. BURDA PerfectClime’s unique, patented LOW GLARE (SMART models) and ULTRA LOW GLARE (TERM models) technology is presented in contemporary infrared heaters with radiation warmth that is easy on the eyes. Infrared industrial heaters and PERFECTCLIME models emit up to 80 percent less radiation light and integrate seamlessly into existing light concepts.

Infrared technology for heating halls – from planning to implementation
We will gladly support you with planning and equipping logistics warehouses, industrial halls, sports and other halls with modern infrared heating systems.

+49 (0) 6173 32424-0!

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BURDA MODULARSYSTEM – ausgezeichnet mit dem Innovationspreis R+T 2018 für technischen Fortschritt!
BURDA MODULARSYSTEM – awarded with the Innovation Prize R+T 2018 for technical progress!
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