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Infrared heating solutions
for public buildings

Large infrared radiant heaters in public buildings and outdoor areas

Whether in a museum, public library, administrative building, university, school or at gatherings and public events – the innovative infrared radiant heaters by BURDA PerfectClime rise to the challenge and allow for flexible use indoors and outdoors. They are maintenance-free, easy to install and provide instant heat at the push of a button. In contrast to convection heaters, which move vast volumes of air in a room, radiant heaters have a targeted effect. This means that no heat is lost, no dust is swirled up and heating starts without lengthy lead times.

Warm rooms without central heating

It is often a challenge to heat rooms in public buildings, especially older ones. Alternative heating solutions for a temporary heat supply are needed, which replace or complement the costly central heating system – preferably without requiring extensive structural alterations. This is where infrared radiant heaters like our TERM 2000 IP67 come in. The radiant heater is mounted to the wall or to the ceiling, and for outdoor areas it is available as a freestanding model (TERM TOWER PALMS).

The advantages of TERM 2000 IP67 radiant heaters for public buildings and outdoor events:

  • being weather-proof they are suited for indoors as well as out of doors
  • they come in different colours (COLOR models) so that they blend into the existing design of a room
  • they are eye-friendly because their heating element emits 80 percent less red light than traditional radiant heaters (ULTRA LOW GLARE)

Infrared radiant heaters for public buildings:
Easy installation, rapid effect, no lead time, cost-efficient operation.
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Radiant heaters with timer: intelligent cost-saving technology

Large areas, sections or individual spaces can be heated in a controlled, time-driven and cost-saving manner when infrared radiant heaters are digitally linked to a timer. Since large radiant heaters in public buildings generate targeted heat without lead time they offer further cost efficiency potentials over traditional heating systems.

Large infrared radiant heaters for outdoor areas

For outdoor events we recommend the convenient, strikingly designed freestanding models such as the TERM TOWER or SMART TOWER. The infrared tower heaters impress with their smart, place-saving design and easy application. Simply plugged into a socket they are immediately ready for use.

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