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Office heating for the perfect workplace atmosphere: Panel heaters and infrared radiant heaters for the office


Too hot, too cold, too dry? BURDA PerfectClime has the solution with modern office heaters for a pleasant working atmosphere!

Proudly presenting infrared heating units and innovative heating panels with state-of-the-art infrared technology for: single workspace heating (desk heater), for entire office spaces and floors and for conference, meeting and seminar rooms.

Tailored heating solutions for the office

We offer modern, energy-efficient office heaters for:

  • the in-between season. Save costs on office central heating!
  • as a standby heating solution when the seasonal heating period is over and the search is on for temporary heating solutions on cold days
  • to complement existing heating systems
  • or long-term for office spaces with no central heating.

The ambient air in an office contributes considerably to a good working environment and the well-being of employees. Anyone looking for a cost-effective, energy-efficient solution for office heating has come to the right place at BURDA PerfectClime. Our office heaters are reliable, function independently from the central heating system, can be switched on or off at any time as required, and are installed without additional construction work.

Infrared heaters in the office – a sensible alternative in the cold season

Infrared heating – in the form of radiant or panel heaters – is particularly appropriate when the seasonal heating period is over and the search is on for temporary heating solutions on cold days. Cool outdoor temperatures are often the norm rather than the exception in our part of the world, even in the warmer seasons. But at the same time, it’s not particularly economical to turn up the temperature on the office central heating during the in-between season because it takes a long time to heat up. The operating costs are out of proportion with the brief period of heating.

For a pleasantly warm office and workplace environment, infrared radiant heaters or infrared panel heaters – with little or no warm-up time – are to be recommended!
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Infrared heating for unheated offices and workplaces

Office spaces, staff rooms, waiting rooms and even reception areas with no central heating can best be warmed with infrared radiators or infrared heating panels. No construction measures are necessary for this; a power supply (usually 230 volt) must simply be in place.

All benefits at a glance!

Infrared office heaters …

  • … are straightforward to operate and easily mounted on a wall, ceiling or stand
  • … reduce power consumption considerably compared with conventional fan heaters
  • … are safe due to automatic overheating protection
  • … ensure a pleasant ambient climate with no dust turbulence or loss of humidity
  • … and can be simply plugged into a 230-volt socket.

Infrared radiant heaters for the office

A radiant heater offers instant heat as soon as it’s turned on. The short-wave radiant heater is mounted to the wall or ceiling but can also be used as a free-standing model or as a foot or under-desk heater.

Infrared panel heaters for the office

Infrared panel heaters, on the other hand, function with long-wave infrared rays. This type of heater requires a lead time of approximately 20 minutes to achieve the desired room temperature.

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