Find out about new products and new prices in the BURDA general catalogue 2021/22

Start with us into the autumn / win­ter sea­son and the coming spring with an exten­si­ve, revi­sed pro­duct ran­ge. We offer you inno­va­ti­ve solu­ti­ons for inten­si­ve infrared heat in all out­door are­as in the usu­al high qua­li­ty with a long ser­vice life.

All news at a glance:


NEW: RELAX GLASS COMPACT short-wave infrared heater

With the new COMPACT infrared hea­ter, we pre­sent an even slim­mer WiFi ver­si­on of the RELAX GLASS hea­ter series with Schott Nex­tre­ma® glass cera­mic. The new model is also ide­al for instal­la­ti­on in umbrel­las, tents and as a stan­ding solu­ti­on with pole and base, RELAX GLASS STAND, with dou­ble fas­tening. See page 9

With the new pro­tec­ti­ve cover, we offer the per­fect solu­ti­on for the wea­ther­pro­of, dust-free and dirt-repel­lent sto­rage of our SMART TOWER stan­ding hea­ters. See page 33

NEW: Tent fix­a­ti­on for hea­ters TentFIT
The tent fas­tening set inclu­ding Vel­cro fas­te­ner and safe­ty rope is per­fect for instal­ling radi­ant hea­ters from the TERM2000 series (polished alu­mi­num) and RELAX GLASS in small and lar­ge tents. See page 33

Range adjustments:

The fol­lo­wing pro­ducts have been remo­ved from the cur­rent radi­ant hea­ter ran­ge. Orders for quan­ti­ties of 50 or more are pos­si­ble on request.

  • RELAX GLASS CARBON with 1200 watts

  • RELAX GLASS IRA with 1200 watts and FRAME S

  • TERM2000 NO GLARE dark radi­ant heater

  • TERM SOUND M4 Blue­tooth speaker

  • BLUETOOTH DIMMER BTD4 with 4000 watts

  • PERFECTCLIME® TERM TOWER PALMS IP67 with coo­ling nozzles

  • PERFECTCLIME® SMART und SMART MULTI IP24 with coo­ling nozzles


  • PERFECTCLIME® stain­less steel pipe­line PCSS30 und PCSS100 for coo­ling systems

All chan­ges can also be found in the new RELAX GLASS fly­er and in the new OVERVIEW hand­out for your customers:


New prices from September 1st, 2021!

One of the most far-rea­ching con­se­quen­ces of the cri­sis for manu­fac­tu­r­ers, howe­ver, are glo­bal deli­very bot­t­len­ecks, trans­port pro­blems, mate­ri­al shorta­ges and increa­ses in cost, which also affect our pro­duc­tions and sup­pli­ers to a signi­fi­cant ext­ent. This unfort­u­na­te­ly also has an impact reflec­ted in a slight increase in our prices.


The most important pri­ce increa­ses at a glance:

  • TERM2000 BLUETOOTH IP67 series



  • RELAX DARK 2200/2400 watts

  • TERM2000 IP67 series

  • TERM2000 IP44 and Colour S (SHORT) series

  • TERM2000 INDUSTRY IP67 series

Die wich­tigs­ten Preis­er­hö­hun­gen auf einen Blick:

  • TERM2000 L&H IP65 LIGHT & HEAT series

  • SMART IP24 and SMART S IP24 series

  • SMART MULTI IP24 series

  • SMART FRAME IP24 series

  • CONTROLLER IP65 BHC series

  • Moti­on detec­tor TS series

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