Our new Somfy io radi­ant hea­ters TERM2000 io are now in stock and avail­ab­le for deli­very. The power­ful infra­red hea­ters with 2000 watts can be inte­gra­ted into all io-home­con­trol® radio con­trol sys­tems. The added value: with just one sys­tem, in addi­ti­on to the radi­ant hea­ter, many domestic tech­no­lo­gy app­li­ca­ti­ons such as awnings, shut­ters, alarm sys­tems, ligh­t­ing and ven­ti­la­ti­on sys­tems can be con­trol­led centrally.

The short­wave radia­tors with the hig­hest water pro­tec­tion class IP67 are equip­ped with a cir­cuit board that is con­trol­led by a Somfy radio hand­held trans­mit­ter and allows the heat regu­la­ti­on in three sta­ges. A pre­re­qui­si­te for the use of the Somfy io radi­ant hea­ter TERM2000 is an exis­ting io-home­con­trol® sys­tem in which the hea­ter (s) can be inte­gra­ted. If this requi­re­ment is not met, a Somfy radio hand­set (1- or 5-chan­nel) can be purcha­sed sepa­r­ate­ly from us, which is necessa­ry for ope­ra­ting the infra­red hea­ter. SOMFY remo­te con­trols are not inclu­ded in the stan­dard scope of delivery.

TERM2000 io infra­red hea­ters are now avail­ab­le for io-home­con­trol® radio con­trol sys­tems. Order now!