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Project Description


SMART TOWER IP24 Bluetooth

The prac­ti­cal and popu­lar stan­ding space hea­ter, now* in a Blue­tooth ver­si­on with splash guard IP24 for indoor and out­door are­as.

The modern Blue­tooth infra­red stan­ding space hea­ter can be con­trol­led wire­less­ly with your smart­pho­ne or tablet, via the free Bur­da app. An infra­red remo­te con­trol device, inclu­ded in the set, and a switch func­tion on the radia­tor allow for dif­fe­rent methods of ope­ra­ti­on. The BTBHST3024 deli­vers power­ful heat out­put for com­mer­ci­al, indus­tri­al and pri­va­te use – and as of now, also out­doors.

Even smarter: the new SMART TOWER IP24 standing heater with Bluetooth

The well-desi­gned SMART TOWER con­tains two new fea­tures: Its Blue­tooth inter­face means it can now be ope­ra­ted com­for­ta­b­ly via the free BURDA APP (IOS and Andro­id) using your smart­pho­ne or tablet. And the upgrade of the radia­tor to inclu­de the splash guard class IP24 is also new, allo­wing fle­xi­ble, mobi­le out­door use.

*deli­ver­a­ble as of April / May 2017
SMART TOWER IP24 Blue­tooth BTBHST3024 – all important aspec­ts at a glance
3 ope­ra­ting func­tions, inclu­ding:

  1. APP: Blue­tooth inter­face with free BURDA APP for iOS & Andro­id for wire­less heat regu­la­ti­on
  2. Infra­red remo­te ope­ra­ti­on with dim­mer, con­tai­ned in the set
  3. Inte­gra­ted switch for manu­al ope­ra­ti­on
  • Splash guard IP24 – for indoors and out

  • Colour selec­tion in black, white, sil­ver and red

  • Two top-gra­de, low-gla­re tubes, with redu­ced red-light frac­tion and a life­time of at least 5,000 hours

  • Total capa­ci­ty: 3 kilo­watts

  • Note: We recom­mend using 16A time-lag fuses (C16) for 2 kW and above.

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the intel­li­gent core of the Smart­pho­ne con­trol for up to eight hea­ters

BURDA APP — free Download

Free BURDA APP avail­ab­le to down­load for the con­trol of up to eight infra­red hea­ters with a Smart­pho­ne or Tablet – no cable instal­la­ti­on requi­red.
  • for all Andro­id and iOS devices
  • ran­ge: 50 m, no line of sight requi­red
  • regu­la­ti­on of up to eight infra­red hea­ters
  • indi­vi­du­al descrip­ti­on of the devices to be con­trol­led via the App

2. Reliable infrared remote control

with impro­ved

Reliable infrared remote control

The infra­red remo­te con­trol device con­tai­ned in the set is uni­coded and com­pa­ti­ble with all BURDA Per­fec­t­Cli­me infra­red hea­ters. The IR remo­te con­trol with varia­ble ther­mo­re­gu­la­ti­on con­trols one or more hea­ters wit­hin visu­al ran­ge and wit­hin a radi­us of six to seven meters.

3. Manual operation of the switch

The hea­ter can be swit­ched on, dim­med and swit­ched off

3. Manual operation of the switch

The hea­ter can be swit­ched on, dim­med and swit­ched off by pres­sing the built-in switch on the device once or repeated­ly.

MODELS of the SMART TOWER IP24 Bluetooth

(W x H x D)
BTBHST3024-1 2 x 1.5 kW Black 29 x 126 x 32 7.3 kg 1.9 m 3-wire 1.5 mm², 3-pin plug 1 / N / PE ~ 230 V 50 Hz approx. 24 – 26 m²
BTBHST3024-2 2 x 1.5 kW White 29 x 126 x 32 7.3 kg 1.9 m 3-wire 1.5 mm², 3-pin plug 1 / N / PE ~ 230 V 50 Hz approx. 24 – 26 m²
BTBHST3024-3 2 x 1.5 kW Sil­ver 29 x 126 x 32 7.3 kg 1.9 m 3-wire 1.5 mm², 3-pin plug 1 / N / PE ~ 230 V 50 Hz approx. 24 – 26 m²
  • Anlei­tung
  • Smart­pho­ne App für APPLE iOS & Goog­le Andro­id zum Down­load
  • Infra­rot-Fern­be­die­nung

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