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TERM Infrared Radiant Heaters

Infrared radiant heaters of the new generation for interior spaces and outer areas

In the TERM radiant heater series, the entire innovative strength of BURDA PerfectClime is reflected. As the leading manufacturer of infrared radiant heaters, we offer you solutions (some patented) for simple, energy-saving and user-friendly warming of surfaces in almost every dimension.

TERM infrared radiant heaters are equipped with an infrared gold tube*, especially developed and produced for the purpose, that guarantees a very high service life of up to 5,000 hours. For use in outer areas and damp rooms, we present waterproof radiators of protection classes IP 24, 44, 65 and 67.

*Except for TERM 2000 IP 20 NO GLARE ceramic radiator

    Effective instant warmth in a unique “candlelight” atmosphere! With the innovative ULTRA LOW GLARE technology, BURDA PerfectClime has developed a new generation of heat radiator tubes, which are doubly coated and reduce red light by up to 80 percent.
    Effective, immediate warmth without a red light effect for all light-sensitive areas. Existing ambient lighting will not be influenced by the infrared dark radiant heater. For the new dark radiant heaters, we use top-grade ceramic radiators, which create concentrated warmth by means of infrared rays without emitting light. This will not affect the efficiency of the dark radiant heater. You will profit from the accustomed high and constant warmth provided by the infrared heater from BURDA PerfectClime.
    The TERM 2000 IP67 is also available as a PERFECTCLIME model. Integrated cooling nozzles spray a fine mist of water for immediate cooling of the temperature.
    Proven infrared short-wave technology combined with the patented lighting option from BURDA Perfect clime ensures an immediate, pleasant warmth with atmospheric lighting effects on the terrace, at the workplace and many other areas.
    The COLOR models can be delivered in pure white, deep black and anthracite and many other RAL colours*.
    * for an additional charge if ordering less than 60; free when ordering 50 or more
    With the protection classes IP67/65, the heating unit can claim the highest possible water tightness, even when immersed.
    With the protection class IP24/44, the heating unit is water resistant for the use in protected outdoor areas.
    Under optimal conditions (dry air), the perceived temperature can be raised by up to 10 degrees within seconds
    Up to 5,000 hours of operating time, thanks to top-grade equipment with specially built gold tubes

* for an additional charge if ordering less than 60; free when ordering 50 or more

  • warming without lead time within seconds
  • available in short or long version*
  • top-grade infrared gold tube** for extra-long operation of up to 5,000 hours
  • completely automatic through a timer, dimmer, sensors and more
  • flexible possibilities for application in outer and inner areas
  • various mounting possibilities for standing or hanging for permanent or temporary installation
  • user-friendly application, simply by pressing a button
  • odour-free, low-noise and environmentally friendly operation with emission values next to zero.
* depending on the model
For commercial, office and guests rooms, public building, as well as for leasing and portfolio properties For large tents or outdoor areas, all the advantages of the TERM series are available for standing units:

Ideal for the hotel and catering industry, the TERM TOWER PALMS offers an optimal warmth output for all indoor and outdoor spaces ‚Äď especially in places where other systems could not be used before now because there was no way to mount them. Optional available with table an ashtry.

For work areas, in the workshop, the hall and for drying construction and paint

The diverse equipping options of the TERM heat radiator guarantees almost unlimited possibilities for use, including:

BURDA MODULARSYSTEM ‚Äď ausgezeichnet mit dem Innovationspreis R+T 2018 f√ľr technischen Fortschritt!
BURDA MODULARSYSTEM ‚Äď awarded with the Innovation Prize R+T 2018 for technical progress!
Besuchen Sie uns auf der R+T Asia vom 20. bis 22. März in Shanghai!  Visit us at the trade fair R+T Asia, March 20-22, 2018 in Shanghai!