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New pro­duct line with high-per­for­mance infra­red short- and long-wave hea­ters

RELAX! The new pro¬≠duct group from BURDA PERFECTCLIME¬ģ pres¬≠ents extre¬≠me¬≠ly power¬≠ful design infra¬≠red hea¬≠ters with glass front or com¬≠ple¬≠te¬≠ly wit¬≠hout light. The new RELAX series inclu¬≠des the RELAX GLASS IRA IP65 pro¬≠duct line inclu¬≠ding water¬≠pro¬≠of short-wave hea¬≠ters with light-redu¬≠cing glass covers from SCHOTT NEXTREMA¬ģ and instant heat out¬≠put. The ran¬≠ge is sup¬≠ple¬≠men¬≠ted with new dark hea¬≠ters RELAX DARK IRC IP55 with infra¬≠red long-wave for all indoor a and pro¬≠tec¬≠ted out¬≠door are¬≠as.