Heatpanels for bathroom and sanitary rooms

Our product recommendations for bathroom heating:

Infrared mirror heaters provide instant heat in the bath. Durable and non-tarnishing,
they can be installed just about anywhere in bathrooms and sanitary facilities.

BURDA Heat­pa­nels with pre­mi­um mir­ro­red or colou­red glass fasci­as are the per­fect alter­na­ti­ve for hea­ting bathrooms in an ener­gy effi­ci­ent man­ner – whe­ther at home or in hotels, fit­ness cen­tres or well­ness faci­li­ties. The com­pact, ener­gy-effi­ci­ent BURDA Per­fec­t­Cli­me infra­red mir­ror hea­ters won’t mist up, and pro­vi­de gent­le warmth in any bathroom, whe­ther

  • as an addi­tio­nal hea­ter for the bath
  • as a tem­pora­ry hea­ter in the bathroom
  • or as a repla­ce­ment hea­ter in sani­ta­ry and damp rooms wit­hout cen­tral hea­ting.

Bene­fit from cus­to­mi­zed bathroom hea­ting solu­ti­ons of any size!

The practical solution:

MIRROR HEAT — Mirror & heater as one

Ori­gi­nal Bur­da mir­ror hea­ters will impress you with their supe­ri­or Ger­man built qua­li­ty and ver­sa­ti­li­ty. Our mir­ro­red panel hea­ting ele­ments with pre­mi­um mir­ro­red heat-resistant glass fasci­as are non-tar­nis­hing and avail­ab­le in various sizes from 35 x 90 cm (W x H) to 80 x 200 cm (W x H). Whe­ther as a stan­ding mir­ror, wash­ba­sin mir­ror, show­er or bath mir­ror – the for­mat (land­s­cape or por­trait) and size (small to lar­ge) of your choice is sure to be avail­ab­le. Our sty­lish mir­ror hea­ters are avail­ab­le with or wit­hout a frame.

The decorative solution

IMAGE GLASS HEAT – Image & heater complement each other perfectly

The desi­gner glass hea­ters from our cur­rent BURDA Heat­pa­nels collec­tion are bathroom hea­ting solu­ti­ons with high aes­the­tic stan­dards. Various deco­ra­ti­ve motifs such as land­s­cape or flower images can be prin­ted onto the heat-resistant glass sur­face of the bathroom image hea­ter.

Our bathroom hea­ters can also be ful­ly cus­to­mi­sed with images from custo­mers’ per­so­nal pho­to libra­ries. The glass fascia is also optio­nal­ly avail­ab­le with a uni­co­lour sto­ve-ena­mel finish in any RAL colour to match the décor of your tiles and bathroom set-up. Our ele­gant bathroom image hea­ters are sup­plied in a ran­ge of for­mats (por­trait or land­s­cape for­mat), sizes, power ratings (up to 900 watt), and with or wit­hout a frame.

HINT: Logo prints for bathroom hea­ters in hotels and well­ness faci­li­ties are very popu­lar!
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