Elegant carbon infrared heater(IR-B) for flush-mounted ceiling installation with soft light and flattering warmth on the skin. The recessed ceiling heater with white SCHOTT NEXTREMA® ceramic-glass front in a silver frame is equipped with a carbon tube. The medium wave radiation not only heats up objects immediately, but also gives off heat to the circulating air after a short lead time. The bathroom heater is completely waterproof, IP65, available with or without remote control  and comes with a mounting instruction for ceiling installation.

High-quality ceramic-glass  SCHOTT NEXTREMA®

Waterproof IP65

  • Application: In interior areas, for example bathrooms, in private, commercial, public or industrial environment. ECO DESIGN 1188 compliant!

  • Protection class: IP65 waterproof

  • Tube: Carbon, mid-wave IRB

  • Case material/color: Corrosion-resistance anodized aluminum, silver

  • Glass screen material: SCHOTT NEXTREMA® ceramic glass, white

  • Frame material/color: Stainless steel, silver

  • Fittings:  optional with remote ON/OFF function and timer, switching to standby after one hour.

  • Assembly: Recessed ceiling mounting, mounting-set included

  • Connection: Power connection 230Volt.

  • Guarantee: 2 years private, 12 months business, 6 months industry

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Remote control optional

Remote control ON/OFF, Timer 1 hour


Stainless steel, silver