Free-standing heater with 5-year guarantee

Infrared side-table / desk heater with stand

Featuring identical construction to the Exclusive Heat, the compact STANDING HEAT panel heater is additionally equipped with its own stand. The compact, free-standing infrared heater comfortably warms the legs and area under the table, meaning conventional heating can be turned on later in autumn and off sooner in spring.

The stand’s stability gives Standing Heat mobility and flexibility, whenever and wherever your feet and legs could benefit from that added cosy warmth.

An affordable dimmer that provides easy heat regulation can also be ordered. For more information, please see the Thermostat section under Accessories.


At a glance:

  • Painted smooth white
  • Frameless
  • 16 mm thick
  • Internal reflector = nearly 100%
    of the heat is radiated forward
  • Safety shut-off prevents overheating
  • Includes 1.9m cable and plug
  • 5-year guarantee


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