PERFECTCLIME® BASIC COOLING SET – refreshing cooling system for all outdoor areas

Tailored misting and cooling set for perfect humidity and cool temperatures due to evaporative cooling

The sun baking down, ready for a refreshment?  With our new BASIC COOLING set from the PERFECTCLIME® series, we offer you a refreshing alternative for terrace cooling. The set consists of three high-quality stainless steel pipelines with a total length of three meters. In between, nozzles are mounted, which are connected via hoses to a high-performance pump with 70 bar pressure. Once the pump is connected to water and turned on, the nozzles spray the finest water mist, which cools the temperature down by up to 15 degrees Celsius. As the water is atomized at high pressure into the finest molecules, a drop effect is avoided, so that people and objects are not moistened or even soaked. Each nozzle has a cooling radius of about 6 square meters (assuming dry, hot air circulation).

The BASIC COOLONG set includes the following components:

  • 4 x PCSS75 stainless steel pipelines (75cm), ø6,35mm, with couplings

  • 5 x PCN2 nozzles with hose connection and couplings

  • 1 x PCE05 pump 0,5 l with 70 bar pressure including particle filter