PERFECTCLIME® BASIC COOLING SET – refreshing cooling system for all outdoor areas

Tailored misting and cooling set for perfect humidity and cool temperatures due to evaporative cooling 

The sun baking down, rea­dy for a refresh­ment?  With our new BASIC COOLING set from the PERFECTCLIME® seri­es, we offer you a refres­hing alter­na­ti­ve for ter­race coo­ling. The set con­sists of three high-qua­li­ty stain­less steel pipe­lines with a total length of three meters. In bet­ween, nozz­les are moun­ted, which are con­nec­ted via hoses to a high-per­for­mance pump with 70 bar pres­su­re. Once the pump is con­nec­ted to water and tur­ned on, the nozz­les spray the finest water mist, which cools the tem­pe­ra­tu­re down by up to 15 degrees Cel­si­us. As the water is ato­mi­zed at high pres­su­re into the finest mole­cu­les, a drop effect is avoided, so that peop­le and objects are not mois­tened or even soa­ked. Each nozz­le has a coo­ling radi­us of about 6 squa­re meters (assuming dry, hot air circulation).

The BASIC COOLONG set includes the following components:

  • 4 x PCSS75 stain­less steel pipe­lines (75cm), ø6,35mm, with couplings

  • 5 x PCN2 nozz­les with hose con­nec­tion and couplings

  • 1 x PCE05 pump 0,5 l with 70 bar pres­su­re inclu­ding par­ti­cle filter