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Mirror and radiant heaters for the bath, bathroom and sanitary rooms

Infrared mirror heaters provide instant heat in the bath. Durable and non-tarnishing,
they can be installed just about anywhere in bathrooms and sanitary facilities.

BURDA Heatpanels with premium mirrored or coloured glass fascias are the perfect alternative for heating bathrooms in an energy efficient manner – whether at home or in hotels, fitness centres or wellness facilities. The compact, energy-efficient BURDA PerfectClime infrared mirror heaters won’t mist up, and provide gentle warmth in any bathroom, whether

  • as an additional heater for the bath
  • as a temporary heater in the bathroom
  • or as a replacement heater in sanitary and damp rooms without central heating.

Benefit from customized bathroom heating solutions of any size!

Our product recommendations for bathroom heating:

The practical solution:

MIRROR HEAT – Mirror & heater as one

Original Burda mirror heaters will impress you with their superior German built quality and versatility. Our mirrored panel heating elements with premium mirrored heat-resistant glass fascias are non-tarnishing and available in various sizes from 35 x 90 cm (W x H) to 80 x 200 cm (W x H). Whether as a standing mirror, washbasin mirror, shower or bath mirror – the format (landscape or portrait) and size (small to large) of your choice is sure to be available. Our stylish mirror heaters are available with or without a frame.

The decorative solution

IMAGE GLASS HEAT – Image & heater complement each other perfectly

The designer glass heaters from our current BURDA Heatpanels collection are bathroom heating solutions with high aesthetic standards. Various decorative motifs such as landscape or flower images can be printed onto the heat-resistant glass surface of the bathroom image heater.

Our bathroom heaters can also be fully customised with images from customers’ personal photo libraries. The glass fascia is also optionally available with a unicolour stove-enamel finish in any RAL colour to match the décor of your tiles and bathroom set-up. Our elegant bathroom image heaters are supplied in a range of formats (portrait or landscape format), sizes, power ratings (up to 900 watt), and with or without a frame.

HINT: Logo prints for bathroom heaters in hotels and wellness facilities are very popular!

The quick solution:

TERM 2000 IP44 infrared radiant heater – quick assembly, many colours available, less red light

TERM 2000 IP44 series bathroom radiant heaters are splashproof and available in landscape and portrait formats and a range of RAL colours (see COLOR models) and power ratings (from 1 to 2kW). All of these radiant heaters also offer red light reduction of up to 80% for an atmospheric ambience that’s easy on the eye as well.

Our compact radiant bathroom heaters provide instant heat at the touch of a button and can be installed on the wall, ceiling or on a stand with no additional construction work required. Connection to a 230-volt socket is all these powerful bathroom heaters need to be immediately operational. They are especially suitable as additional bathroom heating, for providing cover on cold days outside of the normal heating season, or as a fixed installation in any sanitary room without central heating, for example in holiday and weekend houses, caravan parks and other leisure facilities. It’s just as easy to demount the bathroom radiant heater as it is to install it – when you move on, simply pick it up and take it with you.

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