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Infrared heater: Products

Products overview

Infrared radiation is a sub-area of the light spectrum generated by the sun. This type of light, however, is invisible to the human eye; it only serves to radiate heat. This means that infrared rays, responsible for the human sensation of heat, are positive rays and cannot be compared with UV or microwave radiation or with X-rays.

Owing to their varying wavelengths and resulting mode of action, a distinction is drawn between three types of infrared rays:

Infrared-A, short wave

  • 780 – 1.400 nm (0,8 – 1,4 µ) 3620 K – 2070 K

Infrared-B, medium-wave

  • 1.400 – 3.000 nm (1,4 – 3 µ) 2070 K – 965 K

Infrared-C, long-wave

  • 3.000 – 10.000 nm (3 – 10 µ) 965 K – 290 K

Basically, it’s like this: the shorter the wavelength, the easier it is to penetrate the air. Short-wave infrared generates heat by heating the solid that it meets with, without heating the air around it. A good example for this mode of action is the effect that occurs when a person walks out of the shade into the sunlight. Although the ambient temperature remains the same, they feel the temperature as considerably warmer under direct solar radiation. This phenomenon also allows you to sunbathe on your skiing holiday at very low ambient temperatures.

Long-wave infrared rays, on the other hand, do not have this effect; rather, they warm the surrounding air and thus take considerably longer until a feeling of warmth sets in.

  • Instant heat: 90 % of the heat is available within 1 second.
  • Effectiv: 92 % radiation efficiency. Over 85 % of energy is converted to heat.
  • Low cost: No pre-heating and no heat loss.
  • Precise: Heat can be directed like light in any direction.
  • Versatile: Even partial areas can be effectively heated – indoors and out.
  • Customised: Intensity adjustable from 0 – 100 %.
  • Reliable: Life span of elements up to 5,000 h even with constant switching on and off.
  • Secure: Shockproof due to use of quartz tubes.
  • Environment:  No emissions and no oxygen consumption.
  • Clean: No pollution from blasts of air or dust.
  • Compact: Small dimensions.
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BURDA MODULARSYSTEM – awarded with the Innovation Prize R+T 2018 for technical progress!
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