The versatility of the RELAX GLASS radiant heater series with elegant Schott Nextrema® glass ceramic is reflected in current modular installations. Attractive and practicable combination options leave nothing to be desired in terms of a pleasant and optically demanding terrace ambience.

The many faces of RELAX GLASS:
Heating, Sound, Light and Cooling

The powerful short-wave heaters RELAX GLASS with Nextrema® glass front offer the unrivaled best heat in outdoor areas. Bluetooth speakers in the same design and LED light modules with a glass front can easily be installed as a flush system under patio roofs or on the wall. Color-coordinated panels, also with glass covers, bridge the distances between the modules. A highlight for hot summer days is the expansion with cooling nozzles. They simply can be added to existing installations, connected to a pump system and spray the finest cooling mist. Under optimal conditions, felt temperature drops of up to 12 degrees can be achieved.

RELAX GLASS MODULAR installation in white on the terrace of a private mansion

Popular pick!

For free-standing installations, we recommend the elegant RELAX STAND (code: BRELGSS-3) made of high-quality stainless steel with a height of 210 cm.