Building site heating: Building dryers and varnish dryers

Sen­si­ble use of short­wave hea­ting sys­tems on buil­ding sites

Infrared heaters for construction sites: Drying varnish and buildings with cost-efficient infrared technology

BURDA short­wave infra­red tech­no­lo­gy is per­fec­t­ly sui­ted for dry­ing and war­ming buil­ding mate­ri­als. Sin­ce infra­red hea­ters pro­vi­de con­ti­nuous and instant heat, any kind of dry­ing on buil­ding sites can be accom­plished rapidly. Buil­ders, site mana­gers, archi­tec­ts and other sta­ke­hol­ders in the buil­ding sec­tor rely on the effi­ci­ent and cost-saving infra­red dry­ers by BURDA Per­fec­t­Cli­me.

Con­tact us for a free con­sul­ta­ti­on about our models for var­nish dry­ing, buil­ding dry­ing and sur­face hea­ting. We offer con­vin­cing solu­ti­ons for effi­ci­ent, ener­gy-saving and fle­xi­ble hea­ting on buil­ding sites.

Infrared heater TERM2000 CVH  for varnish and building drying

Varnish drying with TERM2000 CVH

The com­pact buil­ding dri­er sends infra­red rays direc­t­ly to the var­nis­hed sur­face to be dried. As a result of the sur­face war­ming up, var­nish is dried quick­ly and tho­rough­ly. The same app­lies to paint. For time­ous paint and var­nish dry­ing a hea­ter or hea­ter sys­tem can be used on exten­si­ve sur­faces. The hea­ter can sim­ply be plug­ged into a com­mon 230 Volt house­hold socket. The infra­red dri­er for var­nish and paint is imme­dia­te­ly rea­dy for ope­ra­ti­on and speeds up dry­ing pro­ces­ses while saving elec­tri­ci­ty.

Building drying with infrared shortwave technology

Whe­ther plas­te­ring walls, wall­pa­pe­ring or lay­ing floor screed – our inno­va­ti­ve hea­ter sys­tems offer uncom­pli­ca­ted solu­ti­ons for buil­ding dry­ing. The infra­red hea­ters are easy to hand­le and can be moun­ted on a tri­pod or fixed to a wall or cei­ling for lon­ger use, such as a buil­ding pro­ject during win­ter.

Inci­dent­al­ly, our power­ful infra­red dri­ers not only dry mate­ri­al but also crea­te plea­sant tem­pe­ra­tures for the buil­ders on site.

Var­nish dry­ing, buil­ding dry­ing or area hea­ting with BURDA infra­red tech­no­lo­gies con­sti­tu­te an envi­ron­ment­al­ly sen­si­ble hea­ting solu­ti­on for com­mer­ci­al and pri­va­te buil­ding sites–and are thus more than con­vin­cing from an eco­no­mic point of view as well.