Smart heater control with Somfy io and Bluetooth

A terrace landscape without high-tech is hardly imaginable today.  In this way, modern building technology also makes life easier outdoors.  Remote-controlled awnings, slatted roofs or roller shutters offer the ultimate in ease of use with contemporary SMART HOME technologies. Not to forget lighting systems that are connected to the house control as well. Burda WTG complements the SMART TERRACE with powerful, stylish infrared heaters.  The radiant heaters equipped with Bluetooth or io-homecontrol® radio control offer smart use and a cozy place on cool days.

Somfy io infrared heaters from Burda WTG

The leading io-homecontrol® technology is standard in many households around the world. The bidirectional radio system offers the possibility to control the most diverse applications from different trades central and wireless. In addition to blinds, external venetian blinds and awnings, BURDA radiant heaters are now also available and can be easily integrated into existing io-homecontrol® systems. With only one central Somfy remote, the heater can be switched on and off on their own channel and dimmed in multiple stages. Read more



Infrared heater with Bluetooth

BURDA Bluetooth heaters are based on the tried-and-tested TERM2000 and SMART heater series. The Bluetooth version is equipped with a Bluetooth interface for the comfortable and wireless heater control via smartphone or tablet. The accompanying BURDA APP is compatible with all iOS and Android end devices. Free Download! Our TERM2000 heater serie can also be extended with Bluetooth speakers for the perfect sound. Besides wireless control with the smartphone app, Burda Bluetooth heaters can also be operated with a remote control, included in the set, or with an integrated switch on the device. Read more