6 Tips for patio design with radiant heaters

To crea­te a nice and cozy atmo­sphe­re on the ter­race even on cold spring days and on cool sum­mer nights, we have put tog­e­ther a few tips on how infrared hea­ters can be inte­gra­ted into the ter­race land­scape with litt­le effort and with gre­at visu­al appeal.

TIP 1: Choosing the perfect patio heater model

Every ter­race has its own, indi­vi­du­al look. The demands of the users are also dif­fe­rent in terms of design and func­tion­a­li­ty. BURDA is one of the lea­ding manu­fac­tu­r­ers on the mar­ket that offers an unmat­ched varie­ty of pro­ducts. We can right­ly cla­im to have the right solu­ti­on for every tas­te and need. In addi­ti­on to our three radi­ant hea­ter pro­duct series RELAX GLASS, TERM2000 and SMART,  we also offer with BURDA MODULAR paten­ted sys­tem solu­ti­ons that com­bi­ne infrared hea­ters with LED light­ing, coo­ling sys­tems and/or Blue­tooth speakers.

Choose your patio heater!

TIP 2: Decide on a color that matches the patio furnishings or awning

Choo­se the radi­ant hea­ter to match the patio decor, the awning color, the color of the slat roof or other sun pro­tec­tion. Depen­ding on the pro­duct series, we offer various stan­dard colors. Howe­ver, the­re is also the opti­on of orde­ring the hea­ter in a cus­tom finish at an addi­tio­nal cost.

Stan­dard paint finishes:


case colour: black, white or silver
glass colour: white or black


case colour: black, white, anthr­aci­te or polished aluminum
other RAL colours at an addi­tio­nal cost


case colour: black, white, sil­ver and red (only SMART TOWER)

TIP 3: Cal­cu­la­te the requi­red wat­ta­ge for the hea­ting area

Various fac­tors play a role in fin­ding out what power an infrared hea­ter must have to ensu­re that the desi­red out­door area is sup­pli­ed with suf­fi­ci­ent heat:

Open ter­races / bal­co­nies requi­re more power than pro­tec­ted or cover­ed ter­races / balconies.

Should only a cer­tain area, for exam­p­le the sea­ting area, be in the area of ​​ther­mal radia­ti­on or the enti­re out­door area?

Wind-pro­tec­ted ter­races / bal­co­nies that are not expo­sed to the wea­ther requi­re less hea­ting power than open areas.

Cal­cu­la­te the heat requi­re­ment as follows:

  • RELAX GLASS: 300 watts per squa­re meter in wind-pro­tec­ted out­door areas
  • TERM2000: 250 watts per squa­re meter in wind-pro­tec­ted out­door areas
  • SMART: 250 watts per squa­re meter in wind-pro­tec­ted out­door areas


TIP 4: How would you like to fix the spotlight – wall, ceiling, awning, screen … or prefer ceiling installation?

Ever­yo­ne can easi­ly install BURDA infrared hea­ters on the ter­race or bal­c­o­ny. Here is an overview!

wall moun­ting
As stan­dard, the infrared hea­ters are equip­ped with bra­ckets for easy wall mounting.
cei­ling mounting
Depen­ding on the model, we offer various fas­tenings for cei­ling mounting.
screen attach­ment
With a Vel­cro fas­te­ner for moun­ting on round bars, for exam­p­le for parasols.
awning attach­ment
The patio hea­ters can easi­ly be hung under the awning with spe­cial awning brackets.
flush moun­ted cei­ling installation
With frame for the RELAX GLASS and SMART IP24 radi­ant hea­ter series.

TIP 5: Would you like to control / dim the heater conveniently via radio or Bluetooth?

Then we recom­mend our Som­fy io radi­ant hea­ters RELAX GLASS io or TERM2000 io. They are com­pa­ti­ble with the lea­ding radio con­trol sys­tem io-home­con­trol® and can be easi­ly inte­gra­ted into the sys­tem. On the other hand, we offer our Blue­tooth radi­ant hea­ters from the TERM2000 and SMART series, which are con­trol­led wire­less­ly via smart­phone or tablet.


Exter­nal dim­mers, timers and moti­on detec­tors not only ensu­re that our infrared radi­ant hea­ters are used in a more resour­ce-effi­ci­ent man­ner, they also help to redu­ce ener­gy cos­ts. In our HEAT RADIATOR ACCESSORIES ran­ge you will find a lar­ge sel­ec­tion of con­trol opti­ons for our infrared radi­ant hea­ters via cable (fixed con­nec­tion), radio or Blue­tooth. The hea­ter con­trol via a remo­te con­trol also increa­ses the ease of use.

TIP 6: Combine Bluetooth speakers, LED spots or cooling with the radiant heater for the perfect terrace atmosphere.

The radi­ant hea­ter series RELAX GLASS and TERM2000 can be expan­ded with sound, light and coo­ling modu­les. BURDA MODULAR descri­bes a water­pro­of MODULAR CLIMATE SYSTEM, which can be used in any length, func­tion and color for hea­ting, coo­ling and light­ing out­doors. Infrared hea­ters, LED spots, coo­ling nozz­les ore spea­k­ers are sim­ply con­nec­ted with a paten­ted plug-in system.
The BURDA TERM 2000 MODULARSYSTEM has recei­ved num­e­rous awards, inclu­ding the RED DOT AWARD 2019, the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD and the INNOVATION PRICE R + T 2018.