Infrared heater Test winner: TERM2000 BLUETOOTH IP67


Our Bluetooth infrared heater TERM2000 Bluetooth IP67 convinced with top marks.
The test of the BURDA TERM BLUETOOTH IP67 radiant heater was carried out and evaluated by the

Test result 1,4 very good
Test Institution
03/2018The quality management for our test and comparison procedure is TÜV-tested according to ISO 9001
Opinion of the editor-in-chief Perfect for any occasion: the BurdaWTG heats up enormously and uniformly. You can set everything by using the app.
Design Paneel-Heater
Operation with electricity
Suitable for
Further details are explained in the guide below this table.
Terrace und all outdoor area
Heats up strongly
An increase of 11 °c is more than sufficient and an increase of 4 °c is still good.
about 15,5 °C increased
Heats fast +
Heats evenly
Thermal radiation heats dark areas faster than light. Therefore, the logo is hotter than its environment when evenly radiated.
very evenly
Heating capacity
63 of 75 points
Protected from water
(z. B. Bath & Terrace)
Turn off-Timer
(z. B. Bedroom & Changing table)
Number of heating stages +++
5 levels & continuously via App
Remote control
or App
Remote control & App
Heating direction adjustable tilt
Security & comfort
25 of 25 points
Max. Wattage 2.000 W
Dimensions (W x H x D) 71 x 10 x 13 cm
Pros and cons
  • particularly powerful
  • waterproof
  • operating comfort
  • extensive features with the app
  • extremely versatile