Infrared heater Test winner: TERM2000 BLUETOOTH IP67


Our Blue­tooth infrared hea­ter TERM2000 Blue­tooth IP67 con­vin­ced with top marks

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Test result 1,4 very good
Test Insti­tu­ti­on
03/2018The qua­li­ty manage­ment for our test and com­pa­ri­son pro­ce­du­re is TÜV-tes­ted accor­ding to ISO 9001
Opi­ni­on of the editor-in-chief Per­fect for any occa­si­on: the Bur­daWTG heats up enorm­ously and uni­form­ly. You can set ever­y­thing by using the app.
Design Paneel-Hea­ter
Ope­ra­ti­on with elec­tri­ci­ty
Sui­ta­ble for
Fur­ther details are explai­ned in the gui­de below this table.
Ter­race und all out­door area
Heats up strongly 
An increase of 11 °c is more than suf­fi­ci­ent and an increase of 4 °c is still good.
about 15,5 °C increased
Heats fast +
Heats even­ly
Ther­mal radia­ti­on heats dark are­as fas­ter than light. The­r­e­fo­re, the logo is hot­ter than its envi­ron­ment when even­ly radiated.
very evenly
Hea­ting capacity
63 of 75 points
Pro­tec­ted from water
(z. B. Bath & Terrace)
Turn off-Timer
(z. B. Bed­room & Chan­ging table)
Num­ber of hea­ting stages +++
5 levels & con­ti­nuous­ly via App
Remo­te control
or App
Remo­te con­trol & App
Hea­ting direc­tion adjustable tilt
Secu­ri­ty & comfort
25 of 25 points
Max. Wat­ta­ge 2.000 W
Dimen­si­ons (W x H x D) 71 x 10 x 13 cm
Pros and cons
  • par­ti­cu­lar­ly powerful
  • water­pro­of
  • ope­ra­ting comfort
  • exten­si­ve fea­tures with the app
  • extre­me­ly versatile